Former police commissioner explains the danger from a Marxist revolutionary group


Incompetent communist Mayor Bill de Blasio has sent the painters to the street in front of Trump Tower to paint a Black Lives Matter mural. He will take part in some of the experience. He’s busy with that so he can’t worry about all the murders and other crimes in the city.

As Bernie Kerik tweeted, BLM was “founded by admitted Marxists, inspired by cop killing terrorist Joann Chesimard, has convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg fund raising for them. Their slogans: pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon; the only good cop is a dead cop; yet @NYCMayor supports them.”

He supports them because he has the same ideology.


Former police commissioner Bernik Kerik explains what is going on with Black Lives Matter in this segment from last night’s show with Tucker Carlson. He describes Black Lives Matter, a Marxist revolutionary group inspired by cop killer Joanne Chesimard.

BLM plans to topple our government.

Susan Rosenberg is one of the fundraising gurus and is a bank robber, bomber, and radical revolutionary. Her 58-year sentence was commutated by Bill Clinton after 16 years and she works for BLM and their allies ThousandCurrents.

They are a terrorist group and they are becoming extremely rich.


One of the best ways to destroy the country is to destroy the thin blue line. The BLM leader in Philadelphia explains that the police will be gone in five years:

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