Senator Grassley demands Durham indictments before November


Chuck Grassley is reportedly demanding the Durham indictments before the 2020 election because after will be too late. He undoubtedly has inside information.

He tweeted to Trump: “IF NO PROSECUTIONS TIL AFTER ELECTIONS SAD SAD //just think Flynn Mueller Impeachment/ The deep state is so deep that ppl get away w political crimes/Durham shld be producing some fruit of his labor”

He also tweeted, “Barr recently said “this is the closest we have ever come to an organized effort to push a president out of office “ leads me to think Durham wont report any prosecutions til after election so as not influence vote. SAD SAD”

That would be disgraceful since the coup influenced the entire Trump presidency.

The Senate Judiciary is extremely powerful and they have extensive information available to them. Obviously, Grassley knows a lot and he wants the information out before November.

There were crimes committed and indictments are coming or Grassley would not have tweeted that out.

While Lindsey Graham, who is useless, is chairing the committee now, Grassley is still on it.

Grassley references the ‘deep state’ and he doesn’t usually use the term. Although he issued a harsh public statement on the day the DOJ Inspector General released his report on the FISA abuses. The senator is also very critical of FBI Director Christopher Wray.

When he chaired the committee, he delved deeply into Russiagate and long questioned Christopher Steele’s credentials and the FBI’s reliance on him. By the way, Steele lost the dossier case in London and has to pay out tens of thousands to the businessman who sued him.

John Durham is likely trying to get all the evidence possible. Attorney General Barr has made it clear that he believes it was a coup.

But, as Senator Grassley says, if it’s after November, it’s too late.





  1. I remember news stories about Obama being held until after the 2012 election because the phony “journalists” didn’t want their stories to “sway the election.” Bet the leftist media wouldn’t hold back stories about Trump or any other Republican. I believe, too, indictments of Democrats were held up for the same reason so Grassley and the rest of us have reason to fear delays in justice that could be stalling to prevent Democrats from losing and charges dropped and swept under the rug if Democrats do win. Look no further back than Hillary’s treasonous tenure as Secretary of State when she brokered the Uranium 1 deal with Russia and other illicit acts. Or maybe back to Eric Holder dropping charges against the Black Panthers who were openly intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

  2. This gossip about Grassley is meaningless. We know from the past 4 years that Grassley did nothing but cover up, including zero subpoenas. He does his fake outrage act, similar to Graham and Gowdy. Grassley held a key role in the senate coverup as head of judiciary, then he willingly turned it over to the next irresponsible person, Graham.

    Barr decides in prosecutions, not Durham. Bar is incredlbly political, gets in front of cameras for PR interviews.

  3. Is there ANY good news about this stuff…?
    Grassley is right. If it don’t happen before elections – it won’t happen at all (If Biden is elected…)

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