Former President Donald Trump Speaks After SCOTUS Ruling


The Supreme Court ruled that a state is not allowed to remove a candidate from a ballot. Democrats are losing their mind and planning legislation to remove him despite the ruling.

Donald Trump responded to the ruling.

Former President Trump explained that the Supreme Court recognized people in robes shouldn’t decide who is or isn’t on the ballot. The voters decide.

“There will be some things that perhaps don’t work out so well but I don’t want to be prosecuted because I decided to do something that is very much for the good of the country, and actually for the good of the world. The president shouldn’t have that on his mind, and he has to have a free and clear mind when he makes very big decisions, or it’s going to be nothing more than a ceremonial post.

“You’ll be president; it’ll be wonderful thing and you won’t do anything because you don’t want to be hit by your opponent or hit by somebody else because, who wants to leave office and go through what I’ve gone through.”

He pointed the finger directly at Joe Biden and the White House.

“I’m being prosecuted by Biden my opponent because every one of these things, whether it’s Fannie Willis or Bragg these are local and state but they’re in total coordination with the White House. You can’t do that. It shouldn’t be done.”

He gave examples of how the White House sent their operatives out to take him down:

“…in the case of the DA’s office, they put one of the top people, maybe the second person in the Manhattan DA’s office to get Trump. They had a Hillary Clinton lawyer leave the law firm, a very prestigious big law firm, leave the law firm to go into the DA’s office to get Trump – Pomerantz. Mr. Pomerantz, so he goes in to become a prosecutor, worked for the Democrat party and Hillary Clinton, goes into prosecute Donald Trump at a local level in total coordination with the Department of Justice – meaning Biden.”

He also discussed the Fani Willis and other examples of operatives voted in or appointed to get Trump.


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