Former President Trump responds to murderers, drug dealers, criminals pouring in


All you need to know to realize how biased the media has become is knowing no Biden officials will be on the Sunday shows to talk about the Afghan drone strike, the border, or the French ambassador and the big shots of the media are largely okay with that. ~ Erick Erickson



Since Biden took office, along with the cabal behind the curtain, deportations are down 84%. In addition, according to Biden’s order to the DoJ, no one can be deported for crimes including money laundering, property crimes, fraud, DUI, drug crimes, assault, tax crimes, solicitation, and so on, and for murder — only if the murder was committed in the past ten years.

If you didn’t kill anyone lately, it’s okay.

The Center of Immigration Studies found that people ordered to be deported are not deported anyway, as many as 1.5 million or more. These are people who killed us, robbed, raped, and so on. When they abuse us, the US doesn’t send them home. Under Biden’s bill, they will be eligible for amnesty and a path to citizenship.

The Left calls felons who can’t vote — disenfranchised. They want these nearly six million felons to vote. It would give Democrats a permanent electoral majority.

And don’t call them illegal aliens, call them ‘undocumented’. Pretend it’s no big deal.

Illegal entrants went from 235,000 under Trump in his last year to nearly 2 million so far. We have no idea who these people are.


Upwards of 25,000 children are coming in unaccompanied each month. The parents are sending them, knowing they could die, end up in the sex trade, get lost in the desert. These parents don’t care about their own children. They just want to get into the US once their children are here.

According to the National Review 85,000 illegal immigrant children have been apprehended so far this year.  Around 47,000 illegal immigrant children are missing. They are dead or in the sex trade in many cases.

These are the kind of people Democrats are inviting into the US.

Donald Trump tried to give DACA amnesty but Democrats wouldn’t allow him to do it. They want the credit and their votes.

Legal immigrants are productive but the Left is trying to equate illegal aliens with legal, even if they are criminals.


Mark Krikorian, the Executive Director of The Center for Immigration Studies, discussed the criminals who Democrats will not deport while on Newsmax today with DickMorris on Dick Morris Democracy. What Democrats are willing to do now is only deport people CONVICTED of ONLY the most serious crimes, and even they are not being deported. Krikorian asks: a convicted murderer will be deported, but do you think that murder is the first crime the murderer committed?

Criminals — only in the most extreme cases — will be deported. Democrats give them welfare, and endless benefits to pay them for their votes, and to keep their constituency relying on welfare — government largesse.

Mr. Krikorian said Democrats don’t think the US has the right to keep anyone from entering the US. They seriously believe we are not allowed to have borders. Nor do they think we have the right to punish criminals, Morris says. It’s an insane worldview.

The Biden cabal claimed they would deport the thousands of mostly Haitians under a bridge in Del Rio. However, they haven’t deported a one and are still processing them. Don’t expect any of these anonymous people to be flown out.

Illegal aliens under the Del Rio bridge earlier today.

Former President Donald Trump sent this message from Save America. He’s right about this.

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