Robert Francis O’Rourke plans to run for governor, he’s a furry


Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, a fake Hispanic, is also a furry. He wants to become Texas’s next governor, and with all these illegal aliens beholden to Democrats pouring into the state, it could happen.

Governor Abbott’s popularity has also sunk, making him vulnerable.

Former Representative and failed senatorial and presidential candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke uses the nickname ‘Beto’ to get ahead politically. He has a very brief history of mild criminality as a youth and is currently in the Socialist-Communist camp politically. Most know he is also a bad singer and bass guitarist.

Republicans mocked him during the campaign for wearing a dress during his band Floss’s gigs, but they didn’t know at the time that he also dressed in tight one-piece PJs and wore animal masks, including a sheep’s head, with another band.



Driving the news: O’Rourke has been calling political allies to solicit their advice, leaving them with the impression that he’s made his decision to run in the country’s second-largest state.

A new poll for the Dallas Morning News shows that O’Rourke has narrowed the gap with Abbott in a hypothetical matchup, down, 37%-42%. In July, O’Rourke faced a 12-point deficit, 33%-45%.

Over the summer, Abbot has seen his approval rating sink to 41%, with 50% disapproving, in a separate poll.

“We hope that he’s [Beot] going to run,” Gilberto Hinojosa, the state chair of the Democratic Party, told Axios. “We think he’ll be our strongest candidate.” He also thinks “he can beat Abbott because he’s vulnerable.”

“His prohibition against mask and vaccination mandates have not gone over well with Texans,” Hinojosa said. “And with the abortion law, Republicans have raised the anger level of Texas women higher than anyone has ever seen before,” Axios reports.

While Democrats insisted that 2020 could be the year that Texas might turn blue and vote for its first Democrat for president since 1976, President Trump won that state with 52%, the same as his 2016 margin, Axios reports. Trump captured 1.2 million more votes in 2020, for a total of 5.8 million.

In 2018, O’Rourke lost to Sen. Ted Cruz, 51% to 48%, by a margin of only 215,000 votes. It narrowed greatly since six years prior.



  1. The next Texas Governor is going to be so far to the Right that he will make Rush Limbaugh look like a Progressive Liberal. Traitor Joe is turning Texas and Florida Bright Red.

    Recent polls indicate that there are only 6 Bright Blue States, but 19 Bright Red States. There are 9 States that lean Blue and 6 that lean Red. Then 10 States can’t make up their mind. Basically, 25 States are Conservative, 15 States are Blue, and 10 are on the Fence. Traitor Joe is quickly getting a lot of those States off the fence, FL, PA, MI, WI, and IA. I wouldn’t be surprised if VA and NV move to light Red.

    It’s interesting that the State with highest Black Population, Mississippi, is also the most Conservative. Only 12% of the Mississippi population is Liberal and almost all of them live in Jackson. It’s is also the Most Religious State. While Mississippi is considered poor, it’s low cost of living makes that claim suspicious. Consider that the COL in California is 150% compared to the Nation Average and Average income is around $31,500. In Mississippi the COL is 84% with a Average income of $24,500. That is equivalent to over $38,000 California dollars in Mississippi and why California has the Highest Poverty and one of the Highest Homeless Rates in America. Financially, Texas is one of the best places to live in America (unless you’re an Illegal Alien), Good Jobs and a Low Cost of Living, which why Californians who can, are fleeing to Texas. If you consider Poverty by being homeless then the Top 5 are DC, NY, HI, CA, and OR; all are very Blue! Ironically, Mississippi is considered the poorest State in America, but also has the lowest Homeless Rate. If you can’t afford a roof over your head, that’s real poverty and should be the way we look at poverty rates.

  2. So that’s what a furry is. He could wear the mask in the Texas heat!
    Talk of elections is so cute, Dominion has got this and there won’t ever be another Grand Old Politburo comrade elected to anything from that wing of the Deep State Uniparty. (sad trombone is off today)

  3. The animal mask thing reminds me of that weird bedroom scene in “The Shining.” I wonder if O’Rourke is a satanist and who else in our government is too.

  4. Beta O’Rourke will get laughed out of the election process. “You dam right we’re going to take you AR15s”. Yep that went over real well with Texans, and that moron actually thinks he has a chance at the Texas Governorship. He has to be so out of touch with reality, that he would even consider such a run.

    Hey Texans, tell that sick POS what you really think of him and by the way Texas had better fix its voting regulations so all those Haitians can’t vote without citizenship !!!

  5. My advice to Beto; if you want to remain in politics I suggest joining the carpetbagger circuit like Hellary Clinton and Milquetoast Romney did and run elsewhere. Telling Texans you WILL come and take their guns ain’t gonna win you no votes…

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