Former Trump Official Says Probe Is to Destroy the Republican Party

Former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo has been very vocal about the emotional and financial costs of the Mueller investigation on him and his family. He believes this is all being done to keep decent Republicans from running for office.

He said the opponents want to destroy the President, his family, his finances, and it’s all to destroy the Republican Party.

That appears to be true. The hard-left now in charge of the Democrat Party will destroy anyone who dares defy them.

Caputo spoke with Tucker Carlson this evening and said the Mueller team was interested in collusion, but he was warned about interfering with the investigation by talking.

Caputo said, “My attorneys told me to be careful… What’s happening to me and my family is happening to many others in this investigation.”

Caputo told Tucker Carlson he will never work in Republican politics again because the opposing party will destroy you.

Trump is out there fighting alone and Deep State is closing in. All he wanted to do was make America great again.


Anyone seen Sessions, Ryan, McConnell? Perhaps they feel that exposing this corruption was the wrong thing to do. It’s best to do nothing apparently. The party of personal destruction is in charge despite the election.



    • Yes that would be nice. But I believe those are delusions of grandeur. Sessions has been a big disappointment for me.

      • I think that it is not nice to think that an obvious co-conspirator will switch sides. That kind of belief diverts from the real actions needed. Sessions is very involved in the coverups. He is not gathering dirt, he has avoided any involvement in the investigations. He is blocking investigations. He stubbornly supports deep state actions. There is a lot of talk of dirt and evidence against the deep state. There is already a mountain of evidence. Evidence is not the problem, the problem is that all of the top people at the DOJ are corrupt.

  1. I saw this interview and this is sad. These gutless rubber legged Republicans had better get some intestinal fortitude.

    • I think this situation is way beyond that. Republicans are involved. McConnell has committees set up going after Trump and ignoring the real crimes. Ryan is an avowed Trump opponent, he is stifling investigations while he opposes nearly every piece of Trump’s agenda. Hoping for the “republicans” to assist is a strategy to fail.

  2. I thought and wrote with the same conclusions as Caputo described. The Republicans, with their hearings, are destroying their own brand. I never thought the Party would be so self-destructive. They have their own little clique and no one else can be allowed, even if those ideas are better and prove to be working. They make up the “purists” of the Establishment that reaches from the rabid Never Trumpers to the mildly antagonists. Their ideology comes primarily from Conservative Think Tanks who have shown to be anti-American, at least to working class people. This class of people are the “peasants” in a Feudal nirvana.

    This investigation is far from any Russian interference in an election but whether or not a politician will have policies respecting a certain nation. How can this be against any law. Let’s not forget that there are currently laws that do allow lobbying by foreign Governments, which is guided by FARA. This law codifies the acceptance that anyone can act for a Foreign power as long as the rules are followed.

    So, are we to believe and accept that a Presidential nominee cannot decide on a policy that is favorable to a nation. It is as if the entire country has to accept we are in an undeclared state of war with Russia. Only then could it be considered “against” the US. Wouldn’t it be even More appropriate to have Saudi Arabia viewed as the ultimate threat considering most of the 9-11 hijackers were from that country, yet we have been on the best of terms with that country since that event.

    All the left and along with many Republicans are screaming Russia Russia but Where is the crime in working With Russia. How can the “Logan Act” be applied, which Sessions reportedly cited in the campaign, to a Presidential candidate. A President has the authority to change foreign policy as he wishes, or are we to believe one Administration’s policy cannot be overturned or changed by his successor.

    The term “collusion” has been replaced with “conspiracy” because no statute exists for collusion. It is the Trump Jr meeting that is referenced, especially by Gowdy and the Left, that is questionable in Russian interference. This actually contradicts the dossier which has us believe channels were already established. Even given all this has anyone, at any time, declared what statute or Federal Law that prohibits a campaign from engaging in conversations with foreign powers. The only thing that comes even close to violation is in the campaign finance arena and no evidence exits for that charge.

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