Former VP Mike Pence wants to be president


Former Vice President Mike Pence is going around the country fundraising in advance of a potential 2024 bid, Politico reports.

Pence has been taking the spotlight lately, making stops in key early primary states while he’s at it. He plans to appear at a traditional GOP cattle call. It’s the groundwork for a run at the presidency.

He broke with Trump at the end, but thinks he can overcome that. He has a book coming out in the Fall.

He has RINO appearances set up:

According to a person familiar with the plans, his schedule includes a pair of stops in Texas next week. Pence is to speak at a fundraiser hosted by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and on May 7 he is slated to appear at a donor appreciation event hosted by former George W. Bush political adviser Karl Rove. The former vice president will be interviewed onstage by Republican Sen. John Cornyn, according to a copy of the schedule.

Here’s more of his schedule:

In June, Pence will head to Southern California, where he will speak at a Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute event focused on the future of the Republican Party. A day later, he will co-headline the Republican National Committee’s summer donor retreat alongside former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, another potential 2024 hopeful.

That same month, the former vice president will go to South Carolina, an important early primary state, to raise money for freshman Republican Rep. Nancy Mace. He will also address a Heritage Foundation donor summit in North Carolina. He’s going after the Christians.

In September, Pence will speak at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, a biennial event on Michigan’s Mackinac Island that has a long history of drawing future presidential candidates.

Pence, a former Indiana governor, has a close relationship with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who chairs the Republican Governors Association, and allowed election law changes immediately before the election that favored Biden.

During his speech, Pence touted the Trump administration’s record and criticized the Biden White House for being “radical.”

In South Carolina, he plans to drum up support from Christian Conservatives, Trump’s base.

Rove’s event will draw a long list of potential candidates, including former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Pence has 0.000% chance of being president.

One of the Lin Wood whistleblowers had some things to say about Pence. One is that Pence is obsessed with being president. Another is that Pence was working with Rosenstein, Roberts, Romney, others to remove Trump.

2 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Be wary of anyone who is obsessed with the office of President. Biden is a prime example of that. Trump was unique in that he was obsessed with not being President. He was asked often and summarily declined, only if things were so bad would he consider it. If he does run again he first two priorities should be legislation to eliminate the SES, started by Carter, and implement the plan he had for a complete reorganization of the Federal bureaucracy.

2 years ago

Mike Pence is a nice guy, but he is no Donald Trump. I want the real thing and if President runs, he has my vote!

2 years ago

If Pence were to win the primary I would likely sit out the election and it’s not about January 6. I wasn’t at all impressed with his handling of Covid. Never before have I heard a politician use the podium to complain, or praise, “the public” for what they were doing. It showed clearly he would listen to bureaucrats before anyone else. He’ll be a puppet for those bureaucrats. His interviews sealed my opinion of him. I’ve never seen so many ‘non-answers’ by any politician before. Even Trump was fed up with him at one briefing. Trump, himself, had to step up and answer the question. Trump has one characteristic that many may not realize. If he heaps praise on a person it is a warning sign and he heaped praise on Pence all the time. Also, he was very quick turning on Flynn. That is an indication of a person’s character. In typical fashion it was another “Republican” throwing a person under the bus before facts were known. As VP he could have quickly found out the details of the transcript, which the public was only privy to at the end, and obviously he never bothered to even ask.