Politico touts the new definition of infrastructure and it should terrify you


Last week, Joe Biden read off a $6 trillion list of priorities that turns the United States into a socialist state. Among those priorities is infrastructure’s new definition which broadly encompasses all of the socialist Chavez-style wishlists. It can be anything Democrats want it to be under their new definition.

Leftist Politico writes:

Biden and Democratic leaders—backed by a majority of the U.S. population—believe that “infrastructure” is more than just roads and bridges and encompasses all the structures that help modern society function. Their new bill reflects that understanding, including improvements to water pipes and the electrical grid, universal broadband access, charging stations for electric vehicles, physical upgrades to schools and universities, and—perhaps most innovatively—home care for the elderly and disabled, support for families with children, and expanded access to health care.

It is clearly a takeover of all those sectors by a centralized government and in it are all the leftist priorities of climate change, critical race theory, anti-white employment, Obamacare, and end to fossil fuels, and a complete takeover of education K-12 and colleges and universities.

The news outlet used NPR as proof this is what Republicans want too. It’s utter nonsense.

The Leftist history section quoted a few comments from Republicans, calling them histrionic, but they are true:

Biden’s plan is a “Trojan horse” (Mitch McConnell) for massive tax hikes and expanded federal authority. It’s a “Socialist agenda” (Steve Scalise)—a “kitchen sink of wasteful progressive demands.” It will set the nation on a “road to hell” (Rachel Campos-Duffy of Fox News).

Campos-Duffy’s comment about road to Hell is clearly true. Socialism with this type of enormous centralized government in league with corporations will lead to dictatorship and a new form of communism worse than we have ever seen in history. In only months, the Leftist Democrats have succeeded in completing transforming America. We haven’t seen the effects yet, but soon will.

Politico calls the definition of infrastructure “rudimentary” to rationalize redefining it into something it isn’t to enable the Democrat Socialist Party takeover. They call enormous taxation, “investments.” They plan to make big government uncontrollably large. Everyone should know that local control is almost always best.

It went into a distorted reading of history to redefine the word ‘infrastructure.’

If you read through the bill, you know they redefined infrastructure to mean [fake] AOC climate change, high taxes, wild spending, retrofitting all US buildings while taking over the building sector with regulations, open borders, amnesty, inculcating schools with Critical Race Theory and the anti-American 1619 Project which distorts history, and so on.

As absurd as the new definition sounds, they are changing it with the help of the media, like Politico. The trolls on Twitter are also pushing the new concept with rationalization and lies. Even online Merriam Webster changed their definition to mean social change.

This is how the biased far-left paper supports the Republican view:

Conservatives seem to accept that “roads and bridges” are appropriate areas of investment. Some are willing to go so far as broadband or electrical grid improvements. But advances in electrical cars and wind power threaten the already dying extractive industries at the heart of many small communities where conservatism holds sway. More ominously, the idea that the federal state might broaden the concept of infrastructure to include direct payments to families or support for home health care violates many long-cherished conservative ideals (and myths) about the self-sufficiency of families and communities.

No one is opposed to alternative energy or electric cars. The problem is they want to abandon fossil fuels before those things are ready to market. They want to destroy our economy to do it. And they want to centralize all control in the nation’s armpit — D.C.

They plan to bring us back to an ideology that killed hundreds of millions of people. Their goal is to have the elite run the country and then jump to The Great Reset. They will take our freedoms, our money, our control, and freedom of choice away from us.

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