Found! 60,000 lost ballots for a Republican County in a battleground state


Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, a county that Trump won by over 30 points in 2016, lost 60,000 ballots. Actually, they now say they weren’t lost and they have found them. They just weren’t sent out.

County officials blamed the lost ballots on an independent contractor responsible for distributing the ballots.

The issue is resolved. They will go out on Friday.

We know almost nothing else about his alleged mix-up by Mid-West direct. That’s the vendor.

If it were a Democrat County, we would have heard plenty about this.

Trump won Pennsylvania by about 45,000 votes in 2016, so a 60,000-vote mistake is very serious.

The deadline might have to be extended and that could end up in court. This is no small matter.

In neighboring Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh and a Democrat-heavy area, mailed ballots went out on September 24th, 12 days before Westmoreland County even disclosed the issue with the unsent ballots.

This is the third, huge voter mistake in a battleground state this week.

Call me Mrs. Doubtful

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