Dem’s climate ‘expert’ Greta Thunberg endorses Joe Biden for President


“I never engage in party politics. But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that”

Swedish ‘climate activist’ and expert to Democrats, Greta Thunberg on Saturday backed Joe Biden for president. “Just get organized and get everyone to vote Biden,” the 17-year-old activist told her four million followers on Twitter.

Thunberg, who’s ‘Fridays for Future’ protest movement rejects capitalism and calls for an end to the fossil fuel ‘madness,’ called on her supporters to get behind the senile soon-to-be 78-year-old. “I never engage in party politics. But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that,” she tweeted.

In the past, this child has called for her critics on FB to be silenced, wants everything torn down –  patriarchy, politics, economy, society, and is a big fan of my communist pope, Red Francis.


The Green New Deal, initially co-sponsored by Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris in the Senate, calls for ending the fossil fuels and banning fracking. Harris makes no secret of her admiration for the Swedish activist. “I’m so inspired by your courage and your voice,” she said last December speaking of Thunberg, according to Legal Insurrection.

Thunberg, who comes from a family of actors (her father and grandfather are accomplished performance artists), has made a name for herself by giving rant-filled speeches at global conferences, Legal Insurrection reports.

The grimacing, manipulated child spewing her memorized one-liners:

Conservative Michael Knowles referred to her as “mentally ill” in September of last year. Fox News apologized for his comments and banned Mr. Knowles from appearing on Fox News again.

It is true, though, by her own self-descriptions on FB — she is mentally ill.

This child Greta Thunberg is troubled. What Mr. Knowles said is true. No one cared to address the nonsense she prattled or the true facts and no one dared mention her extreme and unwarranted emotional reactions.

According to The Washington Post, Mr. Knowles said two unforgivable words — mentally ill. On The Story on Fox News one Monday night, Knowles said, “the climate hysteria movement is not about science. If it were about science, it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see what he said that was incorrect. While her autism isn’t a mental illness, her depression and anxiety are. She had selective mutism and gave up eating for a long while — had to be fed intravenously.

Miss Thunberg said it herself on her Facebook page, and in one post, she repeatedly referred to her developmental disorders and her mental illnesses. It’s no secret, it’s fact.

According to her own post, she describes her mental illness, along with her disorders. So the left made her their poster child who will lead us all in the climate movement.

And they tell conservatives they’re insane.

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