NY Times reporter said Kamala told him she’s open to packing the Court


New York Times reporter Alexander Burns said during a Thursday episode of the newspaper’s podcast that Kamala Harris told him last year that she was “absolutely open” to packing the Supreme Court.

“Senator Harris told me in an interview, actually, that she was absolutely open to doing that,” Burns said.

“The voters need to first decide who’s the next President of the United States. Period,” the incredibly arrogant Harris said when asked recently:

Biden, an elitist con man, said we don’t “deserve” to know:



  1. Going full Zimbabwe will hasten the collapse. Whether that is a good or bad thing depends on your state of mind.
    Try not to be there when the outhouse goes up in flames, head the other way as the herd runs over the cliff edge.
    Trust no one even if they have the same last name.

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