Fox Cancels My Pillow Ads – No Reason Given – Update, It Was Unpaid Ads


Mike Lindell


Update: “According to sources, Lindell owes Fox for ads going back to August 2023. The Daily Beast’s source says that MyPillow has made some recent payments to Fox, but those were not enough to bring the account into good enough terms for the network to resume running the ads,” reports Newscast Studio.

Who are you going to believe?

Original Story

Mike Lindell was on Steve Bannon’s show to explain that Fox has canceled My Pillow commercials. He’s been giving them $100 million a year for advertisements. Lindell is very concerned about his business but mostly about what this does to free speech.

“Fox News has canceled MyPillow, and I don’t have the reasons why yet,” said Lindell. He then speculated that the cancellation might be linked to his brand’s association with Trump, saying, “They know my brand is branded right with our great real President Donald Trump.” He also mentioned it could be tied to his recent decision to bring Lou Dobbs into his network.

“You give them $100 million a year, at least in the filings, to buy advertising,” he stated in disbelief at Fox News.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars,” Lindell iterated.

You go after a company because your CEO is concerned about helping save our country and secure our election platforms,” he lamented.

Maybe it is not tied to hiring Lou Dobbs but rather because we’re in the election season.

They’re no better than Bed, Bath, and Beyond who pulled all his merchandise and then went bankrupt.

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1 month ago

They don’t like him because he is a Christian.

1 month ago

Fox is mad at him because he was correct that the dominion voting machines were compromised, and that he was correct about the election results being inaccurate, to the point of being false. And fox news published the opposite of the truth as news.

Same With Lue Dobbs. Dobbs was telling people the truth and reporting the truth about the compromised voting machines

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

It’s no mystery as to why, fox is going to get taken to the cleaners in future lawsuits.