Fox cuts away from presser twice as key videos supporting the President are shown


The press refuses to report the truth about the riots that they call ‘peaceful protests’ or ‘demonstrations.’ So today, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany forced the media to watch a supercut of them today, but they refused to report it. Fox cut away twice, at key moments. We also have reports from a reader that Fox is running a loop of the so-called ‘Moms’ protesting in Portland that switches quickly to police gassing people, without any explanation. The ‘Moms’ are Antifa women and Fox left that out. There were also riots in between.

Fox News cut away as a rioter cursed and said she hopes someone kills the officers’ whole family. It didn’t end there. Fox also cut away as McEnany ran a video of little kids cheering local police.

It appears the suits at Fox make these decisions to cut away from key moments that happen to support the President.

This is the clip about urban violence:

Full presser the media, and Fox, do NOT want you to watch. Go to 30:43 for the video of the children cheering the police:

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