Fox & Friends Friendlies Interview Donald Trump


Donald Trump sat down with Fox and Friends Sunday post-conviction. Murdoch smartly put friendlies on it. A person I know at Fox said Fox has mostly left-wing people on staff.

The Fox staff just let him talk, which was fine. He did a good job, but the media will try to make him into a liar and headline it with the hashtag ‘convicted felon.’ They don’t care if they are turning the justice system upside down.

One prominent attorney, liberal Elie Honig, asked if this is what we have to live with now.

Think about it. At any time, the government could decide to target you, create a crime by stringing a slew of non-crimes and misdemeanors together (ex. putting a legal expense under legal expense), and call it a felony (ex. FEC crime even though it’s not) by giving the jury the impression the person committed a serious crime or intended to (influence the election). Then, they ignore the statute of limitations and give you a judge placed there to direct the jury to find you guilty. The judge uses dishonest jury instructions and paper guidelines and checklists you must follow that lead to a guilty verdict. Then, the government puts you away for decades, and you carry the label ‘convicted felon.’

Since we still have a majority of constitutionalists on the Supreme Court, this will be overturned, but what if we lose the court or you have to sit in a cell for two or three years while the case works its way through the system?

You will be bankrupt. Maybe you’ll be abused in prison.

Trump’s NDA, the legal expense category, none of it was illegal. Therefore, he didn’t even know there was a crime to commit. This is a crime fabricated after the fact.

Are you scared yet?

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