UK’s Green Party Candidate Is Running on a Hate Jews Platform


The UK Green Party candidates won overwhelmingly in recent elections. The problem is the candidates are radical Islamists. Now, they have an anti-Semitic candidate. He’s also a horticulturist.

The party said he would be disciplined after they saw his social media posts collected by The Daily Mail online.

Candidate Joe Belcher is the poster boy of Jewish tropes.

He blasted “Jew lovers” and said Mossad runs ISIS. He displayed pictures of Jewish bankers with hook noses playing Monopoly off the backs of the poor.

Mr. Belcher, the treasurer of the local party branch in Walsall, shared a link to an article by “the real Syrian Free Press” –  a pro-Assad website – suggesting ISIS was run by “Simon Elliott, a Mossad agent.”

He’s the “we deserve better” candidate:

He also posted other links to pages about “Rothschild bankers” and shared a link to a video by controversialist David Icke, suggesting Jeremy Corbyn might be a “savior [who is] going to turn the country around to a more fair and just society” before he became leader of the Labour Party.

Corbyn is a communist, often cited for past anti-Semitic remarks.

In the US, we have a woman building a hit list of celebrities who supported Israel after the October 7 carnage. She wants them all canceled.

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