Fox Host Grills Gov Youngkin on CRT and He Answers Perfectly


The left, like Crooks and Liars, looks at the video below and claims Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin admitted Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not being taught in schools. What he is actually explaining in the clip below is that there is no CRT course but the ideology is being taught.

John Roberts, one of the new Chris Wallace’s for Fox News, grilled him and the Left is twisting what Governor Youngkin said. But any honest person understands what he said and it’s true.

What the Left tries to do is obfuscate by saying there is no CRT course. Of course, there isn’t in elementary school, but the racist tenets are most definitely being taught.

Governor Youngkin said he went after the tenets of CRT in his executive order banning it yesterday.

Partial Transcript

“Anyone who thinks that the concepts that underpin Critical Race Theory are not in our schools hasn’t been in our schools,” he said.

“The curriculum has moved in a very opaque way that has hidden a lot of this from parents. And so we, in fact, are going to increase transparency so that parents can actually see what’s being taught in schools.”

“We’re not going to teach our children to view everything through a lens of race. Yes, we will teach all history. The good and the bad. Because we can’t know where we’re going unless we know where we have come from.”

“There’s not a course called critical race theory. All the principles of Critical Race Theory, the fundamental building blocks of actually accusing one group of being oppressors and another of being oppressed, of actually burdening children today for the sins of the past, for teaching our children to judge one another based on the color of their skin. Yes, that does exist in Virginia schools today. And that’s why I have signed the executive orders yesterday to make sure that we get it out of our schools.”

“We absolutely have to recognize what the left, liberals do here is try to obfuscate this issue, saying there is not a course of Critical Race Theory.”

“Of course, there are not in elementary school. But in fact, there are absolutely the tenets of CRT present in the schools and what the executive order went at yesterday.”

It’s Marxism

CRT is Marxist-based and the left-wing media is pushing it, as are the left-wing teacher’s unions. Are they sincerely trying to equalize for sins of the past by teaching hatred of whites today who had nothing to do with it? We can’t say. What we can say is it’s evil.


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1 year ago

The left uses their most important tactic in every facet of their accomplishing a goal…THEY LIE!

The federal Department of Education should be abolished. The teachers unions should be outlawed.

Education should be governed by EACH STATE in accordance with what THE PEOPLE OF THAT STATE want for the children. Teachers should be hired and fired based solely on the merits of their performance in TEACHING CHILDREN TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES and not blindly follow the whims of the teachers.

Lowering all the bars so that each child gets a participation trophy and no student gets special honors is patently ridiculous. It promotes complacency and delusions of adequacy in the pitiful snowflakes that do not realize that inequities in individual accomplishments exist for good reason.

Whether the Marxist left calls their program curriculum “CRT” or not makes no difference. They are still teaching malleable children to hate each other based on race.

Burning It All Down Better
Burning It All Down Better
1 year ago

Caucasian Replacement Theory is real and there will be some purging if Long Marching Lefty isn’t stopped.
The faux opposition wing of the Party known as the Grand Old Politburo is already 30 laps behind the comrades so it won’t be easy and Dominion SmartMatic are still a thing.
These are all encouraging events out of VA though and any GOP member who will show some backbone, even if it is just a show, has a bright future.
Make no mistake they intend a Final Solution to Traditional Americans by any means necessary.