Fox News continues on with its suicide mission


Fox News is truly left at this point, and it won’t be long before the night commentators sound more and more left. The only real conservative is Hannity, and even he stopped talking about open borders. He started giving us the pity party routine.

What is Fox thinking? The conservatives will flee and why would the MSNBC and CNN viewers want to go to the hated Fox? They want them destroyed.

Special Report depicted the President’s campaign’s presser today as “dangerous.”

This reporter is annoying. She says the claims were baseless. How does this reporter know this?:

Now we have Dana Perino claiming Dominion should sue Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani on her daily show, Burn up Fox Ratings.

She said that without knowing the evidence.

Lin Wood responded politely.

Then there is Laura Ingraham who seems to think conservatives can work with AOC — a communist. That’s ridiculous.



  1. Sad I use to enjoy Fox especially Greg gutfield. but i know where I’m not welcome, wonder why they wanted to chase off all their viewers ?

  2. Since the brilliant Tucker is now not covering the biggest scandal in US history, the 2020 election crimes, I am now fox free. Tucker is attempting to divert his audience into other issues he has already covered. Laura is covering the Trump legacy, cooperating with AOC, and Trump’s run in 2024. She was a stalwart, very capable conservative on the radio, she sold out for the notoriety of TV and the money. Hannity has his RINO show.

    Fox is taking a familiar path, in which elitists use entities to further leftist globalist causes over truth. Other news networks have done the same thing, so have the NBA, NFL, girl scouts, … and so on.

  3. People damn well better learn the lesson. That means abandoning every single Fox program, especially that Fox Nation paid system. It allows Corporate to lose some advertisers but keep the money rolling in.

  4. Today, at this time in history, Begins the neo-Soviet Media Conglomerate.

    Well, Kristin is NOT the brightest person in that press corps. She’s shown her Ignorance, and near Stupidity, in that press room time and time again.

    Rudy was quite accurate in describing the media’s “spin” on the briefing. Either Kristin wasn’t paying attention, At ALL, or is just plain Stupid. Has no one in the press EVER be in a Courtroom, or even read Court documents. Maybe it’s ALL over their head. Note; many news events will tell the public a particular subject is too difficult for them to understand. Rarely, if ever, has that been the case With ME.

    ALL THE MEDIA HAD TO DO is “acknowledge” that Rudy has made substantial claims, such at a voter turnout of 350%, and tell the public he needs to “Prove” that in court. But just to ‘claim’ there is “NO” evidence is what used to be referred to as “Yellow Journalism”.

    By the way, Kristin, did you bother reading this document by a Security EXPERT. It just might be beyond your “comprehension” though.

    There is an axiom that can be declared. A criminal doesn’t run away. If criminals do not run, then why are all the Dominion company executives running to the hills. Surely if there is such an honest election, they should have Already been out in front of the media disputing all this “non-evidence” and making preparations for lawsuits, and declaring the same.

  5. It sure seems to me that Laura and The Rest are bound and determined to “keep their JOBS”. Us peons out here call those people sell-outs”. No doubt they suspect the Trump era is Over and it’s time to “look out for #1”, and to hell with the country. We all need to realize, these people ARE celebrities and, as such, no different than Hollywood. They Love the spotlight and if the director “moves” that spotlight, the actor moves to follow it. I, for one, am not “moved” by powerful people, nor am I deeply sorrowful because some well known actor or celebrity passes. They are insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

    I will say advertisements by noted, well liked celebrities have no appeal whatsoever because it is the lowest form of capitalism. What, Their notoriety should impress ME. So, whether it’s Tucker, Hannity, Or Laura, I could care less. Fox has always been predominately Liberal. It’s just that Roger Ailes kept it in “check”. There are no more checks and it’s free range now.

    Fox originally started out as an Investigative organization. A great deal of time and money was spent solely for that purpose. That ended quite a few years ago with Bill Sammon. Many either, don’t know or are unaware of his influence in changing the network to what it is today. He’s stayed under the radar ever since changes began and now, we see, for good reason. It was shortly before Catherine Herridge left that Fox decided to change the format of the network completely. It was determined the Network should focus more on an Entertainment format than say, hard hitting news. Now, if there were some disaster, or crisis, then it would cover that as it normally would. So, Fox has been changing over the years, but it’s been so gradual and so subtle few people have noticed.

  6. Outfoxed by the deplorables. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me that it’s raining.
    Good luck with those advertising package rates FAUX and with the No Fans Left league in decline there are less weekend viewers.
    I won’t be too hard on Hanity and Ingraham who have fam to take care of but O’ Reilly comes out looking like a champ because he was the first to go.

  7. GO TO HELL TUCKER. Maybe your G.DAMN Script writer should just look around, Moron. You see clear evidence of vote tallies, On Screen, going DOWN for Trump. Also, on any case of THIS magnitude no competent Lawyer would EVER give out the details. She may have actually revealed too much.

    Did he even bother to watch that press briefing. The details laid out are Astonishing to say the least. So, why don’t You, and your lazy a$$ script writer go out and do some investigative work. Others certainly have. OANN certainly has. Newsmax certainly has. Your team spent quite a bit of time checking out Google, for awhile at least, but that story seems to have vanished, WHY is that, Tucker. Can’t you muster the same resources to check for yourself what is ALL OVER THE DAMN INTERNET, you Putz.

    Matt Walsh can stuff it also. He’s NOT calling it as he sees it. He just doesn’t want to put the effort into actually doing any friggin Work. Matt should ask anyone at Fox, Is there even one single person “investigating” all the claims out there. Or is it because those people doing the work aren’t part of the “credentialed media conglomerate” and cannot be viewed as “legitimate”. I’m not one for conspiracies but many things sure look mighty suspicious. But we all realize and understand these are not “News” organization. Their programming alone displays what they are. It’s nothing more than Entertainment designed to provoke an emotional response. That is why so much of the programs are “conflict-based”. It is the sole reason journalists say they “write stories”. They want to “tell a story” and a story requires a theme and a plot. What journalists do, as opposed to “reporters”, is not unlike what the film industry does. Any filmmaker will tell you, a story needs conflict, and therein lies the Journalists’ preoccupation.

  8. There might be a reason went off the deep end. Sidney happened to mention “Soros”, a name that is offensive to Fox when spoken of in a negative light.

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