Wait till you hear why Megyn Kelly is getting out of New York City


Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News anchor, turned NBC anchor, turned unemployed but rich, is wisely leaving New York City. She pulled her boys out of their school. They are pulling their daughter out soon as well.

It seems they were paying $56,000 a year for the children to be taught “white kids are being indoctrinated in black death” and will grow up to be “killer cops.”

It was in a letter circulated among the staff.

Megyn Kelly revealed it on her podcast Monday, saying New York City was taken over by ‘woke leftism.’

She said her sons Edward, 11, and Thatcher Bray, 7, have already been pulled from their $56k-a-year private school on the Upper West Side. Their daughter Yardley Bray will be pulled out soon.

The letter claimed there is a “killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn.”

The school’s diversity group sent it out.

She didn’t say where she is headed.

The letter also stated that  “white kids are being indoctrinated in black death” and are “left unchecked and unbothered in their schools.”

Obviously, that is just racism.

Nahilah Webber Wrote This Nonsense

The piece, written by Orleans Public Education Network Executive Director Nahliah Webber, was circulated among a parents’ ‘diversity group’ at her son’s school, which included Kelly, following the police-involved shooting of Floyd.

Collegiate School is ranked as one of the best private schools in the country and also claims to be the oldest.

They should say it was one of the best.

“The schools have always been far-left, which doesn’t align with my own ideology, but I didn’t really care. Most of my friends are liberals. It’s fine. I come from a Democrat family, I’m not offended at all by the ideology, and I lean center-left on some things,” Kelly admitted.

“But they’ve gone around the bend,” she continued. “I mean, they have gone off the deep end.”

Kelly said that the letter asserted that white children are inherently racist and that “white school districts across the country [are] full of future killer cops.”

It adds that white people enjoyed their “state-sanctioned depravity” as black people are killed.

Killer Cops

“White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their schools, homes, and communities to join, advance, and protect systems that take away black life.”

“I am tired of white people reveling in their state-sanctioned depravity, snuffing out black life with no consequences.”

“Where’s the urgency for school reform for white kids being indoctrinated in black death and protected from the consequences?” Webber also asked.

“Where are the government-sponsored reports looking into how White mothers are raising culturally deprived children who think Black death is okay?”

So, the white people and cops are killing all those black people in Chicago? Oh, no, wait, that’s black people killing black people.

This is not only dishonest claptrap — it’s dangerous. How can we expect these socially-deprived areas to improve if they think they are victims of white people who, in reality, have absolutely nothing to do with their problems?


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1 year ago

If you haven’t figured it out yet, wake up and smell the ashes of your peoples burning.
The White race comprises less than 10% of the world’s population, and White women of child-bearing age less than 4%…it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that unless we do something to stop it, our race will become extinct. Stnad and fight, or watch your children become slaves.

1 year ago

Good grief an assault on white parents by evil racists.

Tigerstripe Dermis
Tigerstripe Dermis
1 year ago

It’s a good thing that countries we are in competition with are teaching such useless in the real world horse crap…oh wait.
STEM? You mean like a cannabis stem?