Fox News is making $$$ with Biden ads, will do fine if Biden wins


Fox News Corp is doing very well with their ad market.  They’re happy [senile] Biden is spending a lot on ads. How nice for Fox. They also feel they will do fine without Donald Trump if he loses.

Fox News sold out.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch says his slimmed-down media firm is doing fine with their smaller news market they retained as part of its $71.3 billion sale of 21st Century Fox assets to The Walt Disney Co.

“Fortune can go your way sometimes,” Murdoch told the Bank of America Securities 2020 Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference during a webcast on Thursday. The new Fox includes the Fox broadcast network, TV stations, the Fox News group, and the Fox Sports’ assets.

“Luckily we have been able to get through this COVID period really incredibly well,” Murdoch said due to the assets they kept.


He touted Fox News as the top-rated TV network across primetime this summer. “From Memorial Day to Labor Day in all people, Fox News has been the number one watched network in the country. Obviously what that’s done is, as our ratings increase, our demographics, we have larger cohorts of different demographics. News always skews older, which is not something I’m particularly worried about, it’s logical. But now we have new viewers to advertise for, we have new categories of advertisers that never advertised in news before are now advertising on Fox News. So, I think advertising demand has been very strong,” Murdoch told investors.

They have more leftists now.


He also pointed to Fox News Channel to their thriving ad market. “You’ll see this Sunday, the Biden campaign spending quite substantially,” Murdoch reported.

They want to convince Republicans to vote for this commie-supporting man who is in some stage of dementia.

Murdoch added current polling pointing to Biden possibly replacing Donald Trump as the next U.S. president should not impact ratings at the Fox News Channel post-election. “I don’t think it does. We’re not only strong but have grown ratings during multiple administrations, going back to Clinton, Bush, and Obama,” Murdoch argued.

Live TV sports and entertainment production have also returned for Fox Corp. “We’re very happy that live sports — Major League Baseball, NASCAR and the NFL tonight — is coming back, and with great entertainment product in our stations, the strategy remains the same,” Murdoch said of his pandemic-era growth plans.

They have no problem with the kneeling players, the Biden lies, none of it. The Murdoch empire will be turncoats if Biden gets in, just wait and see.

They are no longer a network promoting traditional America as they once were. They’re owned by foreigners with no stake in the USA surviving as it was. All they care about is the money and they are so liberal, what do they care if the USA falls to communism?

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