LA mayor says Biden will “rapidly wind” fracking “down”


Mayor Eric Garcetti said Joe Biden has made it “clear” on fracking that he wants to “rapidly wind it down.” We too can be a third world nation. For decades, we heard that we need to become free of foreign fossil fuels and now that we are, the left wants to make us dependent again.

California can’t even keep the lights on.

Fracking was a godsend and it saved Obama’s rotten economy. Now, these fools want to do away with it and all fossil fuels.


California officials want people to believe climate change is the problem and the only solution is to rid ourselves of fossil fuels.

It’s simply not true.


Mike Shellenberger wrote on Twitter, “We have 100 years of fire suppression that led to huge accumulation of fuel loads… As a result, our forests and woodlands are not healthy, and we’re getting more catastrophic fire behavior than we would otherwise.”

He quoted from Mother Jones, which didn’t write too bad an article, “Drought, disease, and insects have left 100 million dead trees browning across California, and in some places, 90 percent of the trees have died.”

As he said, “Even left-wing magazines in California were starting to cover forest fires in a sane and scientific way until @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris started politicizing them.”

Author Shellenberger was on Tucker this past week explaining that climate change has nothing to with climate change.

Shellenberger, the President of Environmental Progress, told Carlson, “The media coverage has been really irresponsible. I’m sorry to see President Obama make even more extreme statements than we’ve seen out of Mother Jones…”

For his book, he “interviewed most of the top California scientists. And what they emphasize is there’s two kinds of forests, one of which we don’t have enough fires in. We actually needed more of the prescribed burns or controlled burns. We haven’t been doing that for 120 years and so the wood filed has been building up.  That’s why the fires and so intense. That’s why there’s so much smoke in San Francisco.”

“And there’s another kind of fire, the shrubland fires we want less fires in. And that’s mostly to do with more people and more electrical wires which they failed to maintain for many decades because we’ve been focused on other things like building renewables.”


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