Fox News Is Now CNN – Transgender Transitioning from 0-5 Years


Updated with Erick Erickson’s comments

Fox News ran a segment about a baby, not yet able to speak, communicating to her parents that she was really a boy and didn’t like wearing girl clothes. The parents transitioned her at age 5. So, we’re talking 0-5 transitioning.

Running with a story like this would have horrified Roger Ailes. It horrifies a lot of normal people.

During the show, Fox pushed transgender surgery for children with Dana Perino hosting as if this is normal.

Ryland Whittington was socially transitioned as a boy at just age five by her parents, the report highlighted. Reporter Bryan Llenas heaped praise on Ryland for having the “extraordinary courage” to share the story, “particularly at a time when trans gender issues have been politicized,” The Daily Wire reports.

Fox didn’t present both sides of this story, they just celebrated parents transitioning a small child.

Fox News has gone down the rabbit hole.

The once-conservative network, along with the rest of the world, has gone mad. A five-year-old should not be transitioning. It’s child abuse and Fox is promoting it. Fox is now CNN.

Worse yet, they knew their baby girl was telling them she’s really a boy before she could speak.

Fox News actually ran an entire segment endorsing trans surgery for babies and children. This isn’t one of those wacky weekend hosts either. This is from Fox News’ Republican staple, Dana Perino.


Erick Erickson makes a comment people might want to consider. It seems these parents decided their child was transgender before she could even speak. They said she was trying to tell them as a baby without speech that she was a boy who didn’t want to wear girl clothes.

“The most brazen thing about @FoxNews deciding to push the transgender propaganda is they didn’t do it back when the mom said the baby was trans, or when the baby was a toddler. They waited until the kid was older to try to normalize it for its viewers. It’s propaganda Fox pushed,” Erickson said.

He added that it will hurt the network. He’s right. It will. People won’t trust them.

[0-5 transitioning is child abuse.]

Far-far left Daily Beast said the right “freaked out”.

According to the Beast, a freak out is people expressing they’re opinion on the “evil lunacy”.

It’s about the 0-5 age range, not transgenders per se but Daily Beast is corrupt.

They gave Matt Walsh as an example. He said:

“I have appeared on Fox News many times. I appreciate the platform they’ve given me. If what I’m about to say ruins that relationship, so be it,” tweeted The Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh. “We have to call this evil lunacy out wherever we see it. Especially on our own side.”

According to Beast, he “continued his rant” when he said, “I know for a fact that many people at Fox do not approve of this and never would have agreed to air radical far left trans propaganda,” adding that “Everyone involved should be fired immediately.”

The Beast wrote that the “Daily Wire honcho Ben Shapiro, also a Fox News regular who is often approvingly cited by the network’s opinion personalities, similarly whining,” when he tweeted: “This would be absolute despicable insane lunacy if I saw it on CNN or MSNBC. To see it on Fox News is a complete betrayal of anything remotely resembling conservatism or decency.” He also called on Fox to “terminate whomever is responsible for this agitprop abomination.”

Beast didn’t like Gavin McInnes’s comment so they said he ran a hate group, and on and on. Anyone who pointed to the obvious – i.e., this is nuts – was demonized.

I won’t link to their hateful screed, but I won’t link to Beast. If you want to read it, the title of the article is: Far right erupts over Fox News airing transgender acceptance segment spammed with emails.


Correction: We accidentally assigned a quote from Ben Shapiro to Matt Walsh. 

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