Horrible: Conflicting Reports of Police Response to Uvalde Massacre


Erick Erickson shares in the clip below what he says are the tragic details of the potentially horrific response by the police in Uvalde. If he’s correct, it is “outrageous” as Erickson says. If he’s wrong, he should get off the radio. The parents tried desperately to get into the school but were tased or arrested by the police. [Four videos below]

It appears the killer got into the school unobstructed, possibly through an unlocked door. It’s not clear when the police knew it was one shooter and where the shooter was.

The Texas Rangers are leading this investigation in conjunction with the FBI, the DA, Border Patrol, and many other agencies.

Erickson said they had an armed school safety officer who he said did nothing and allowed the killer to enter the school. The Texas DPS spokesperson contradicted that and said no one was present when the killer entered the school, and there was no available armed officer.

When the police arrived, they took fire upon entering. They felt they needed armor and other tactical gear. The press conference (below) from the Texas Department of Safety suggests the police were waiting for a negotiating team.

The police allegedly waited outside for about 60 minutes until the Border Patrol arrived. The Border Patrol went in and killed the shooter.

In the meantime, the police outside tased or arrested parents who tried to go into the school to save their children. The police say the killer had agreed to negotiations.

Instead of going in after the shooter, Erickson says the police went to check on their own children and take them out of the school, then left.

When they finally did enter, they called out to ask if they needed help. When the children did call out for help, the killer shot the children. The police allegedly didn’t have the key to the classroom door where the killer was blockaded.

There are 21 people who died and hundreds of surviving family members and friends who will suffer from this.

Police also believe most of the children and teachers were murdered in the first few minutes.

Erickson said the police lied. I hope he’s wrong about all of this. The police say the investigation is underway.

Watch, but warning, it’s painful, but it could be wrong – we can only hope:
This is what the police are saying about the incident that began when he crashed his truck at 11:28:

Watch at 41:30:

Honestly, you can’t let parents into that situation.

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