FoxExit’s heating up! Canceled Jeanine Pirro to fawn over Joe & Kamala


FoxExit is blowing up on social media. Fox has abandoned the 90% of their audience who made them what they are. They’ve gone completely left during much of each day and are a fairly poor version of CNN. Sometimes they are to the left of CNN.

It might not be worth watching anyone on Fox because the conservatives fund Fox’s leftist daytime dribble.

They canceled Judge Jeanine this evening to salivate over demented Joe and Kamala. The election is not yet certified. All of these celebrations are premature. They didn’t do this for George Bush when he was battling Al Gore for the presidency. Except for The Washington Post. They declared for President Gore.

They have declared Joe the winner and have been gushing over Joe and Kamala all day. They act like these two, and the election were normal.

There are some questions raised about fraud, and the entire media plans to ignore them. Maybe none of it is enough to keep President Trump in office, but if there is fraud, we must deal with it.

The responses show many are leaving Fox for good. Here are a few:


We know Fox abandoned Donald Trump, but where are the Republicans and where is Bill Barr?

According to Dan Bongino, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and possibly others, maybe even Bill Barr, may have cut a deal with Dems to help usher in a “President Biden.”

That is what he’s hearing.

And as for Barr, not releasing the Durham information seems very sketchy. At first, he was going to release it before the election. It was going to come out in June, or August, and then not at all.

He should have released it so Americans knew what they were voting for. The media should have told the truth and not hid factual stories about Hunter and foreign dealings that appeared to implicate Joe. Mr. Bobulinski was a hell of a lot more credible than Christine Blasey-Ford.

No one is fighting for President Trump. The establishment doesn’t want to make America great or help the average American.

This move by the media to declare Biden the victor and join in the massive celebrations this evening to “President Joe and Vice President Kamala” had to be planned. They couldn’t impeach him or scare him away. So, they’re kicking him out the door.

They are ushering in a new era of socialism.

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