France bans mail-in ballots and voting machines


There is a sane country in the Western World and it’s not the United States, it’s France. They are banning mail-in ballots and voting machines after the 2020 election.

Trump supporters aren’t the only ones who are concerned about election fraud.

Jack Posobiec of OAN spoke with a French member of the European Parliament to see whether foreign countries use the same kinds of election practices as the U.S.

The United States held a Banana Republic election and it’s not looking good for 2022. At least France learned a lesson from our election.

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Jub Jub Bird
Jub Jub Bird
2 years ago

This is the only place that I’ve heard of it. Thank you.
I’m glad that you guard the truth trenches every day.
Don’t get demoralized over the dastardly demonic democrats, for that is what they want.

Saw a great meme of the new most interesting man in the world with this…when I’m certain of election results I turn DC into an armed camp, cancel and censor all dissenters and try another impeachment.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  Jub Jub Bird

The Main sewer Stream fake Media WILL NOT report on this…if they do they will find some way to denigrate this “honest approach” to elections…heck they stand firmly with their fellow pathological liars…biden, clinton, schiff…..