Mitch said what he’d do if Trump is the 2024 candidate for president


Mitch McConnell, in an appearance on Special Report with Bret Baier, was asked what he would do if Donald Trump runs for president in 2024.

He said he would “absolutely” support Donald Trump for president in 2024 if the former president was the Republican nominee in the next presidential election. He’s not actually supporting him. He just said he’d support him if he is the candidate.

He recently said Donald Trump could possibly be prosecuted after inciting a riot. Donald Trump in response called Mitch a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack.” And Trump said a lot of other things.

Mitch gave the vile comments to his buddies, the Democrats, and then went on the ‘back’ the former president if he becomes the candidate.

Mitch also said gleefully there are going to be at least four other candidates who will run, including a couple of governors. If Trump is the candidate, he “absolutely” will support him.

McConnell denied there is a war in the party.

“The Republican Party had a very good day on November 3. We’re sorry we lost the White House but the Republican Party demonstrated once again this is a 50/50 nation, we are very competitive and will be competitive again in ’22.”

“I think the Biden administration is making it easy for us to get together,” the Kentucky senator exclaimed, “I think we’ve unified in opposition to this new administration’s extremely progressive approach. President Biden has made it quite easy for us to get together.”

He’s focusing on 2022 right now. He has no interest in talking about the former president.

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