France Sends an Aircraft Carrier Near Ukraine’s Airspace


France intends to take control of the airspace near Ukraine since the skies over Ukraine itself are controlled by Russia. Paris is withdrawing its only aircraft carrier from the Eastern Mediterranean, French Defense Minister Florence Parly said.

They will control Romania’s airspace.

“(…) yesterday our aircraft carrier left the waters of Cyprus to reach an area from where our Rafale fighters and reconnaissance aircraft adapted to take off from an aircraft carrier can carry out airspace control and reconnaissance missions. They will head to Romania, from where they can carry out surveillance and deterrence,” Parley said.

In addition, Parley acknowledged that the airspace over Ukraine is inaccessible since it is controlled by Russia and there may be a possibility of a direct collision. Europe is trying to prevent this. In addition to sending an aircraft carrier, Paris sent a batch of weapons that Parley didn’t reveal. The delivery took place at the beginning of the week.

If there is a direct collision and if France were to shoot down a Russian plane, it would mean an act of war between two nuclear nations. Russia has already made it clear they will use nukes.

The Czech Republic, which has already supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with artillery ammunition, has joined the supply of weapons to Ukraine. This time, a decision was made to send “additional weapons” to Ukraine, which was not reported.


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