France to Start Up 32 Nuclear Reactors to Ease Electricity Crisis


France is one of the European countries facing an increase from 85 Euros to 1000 Euros in electricity this month due to Russia cutting their gas supplies. State-owned EDF will open 32 of 56 nuclear reactors by winter. The reactors were allegedly shut down over maintenance or repair. There will likely be a problem with the Left and complaints about nuclear power, including waste handling.

The French government will also absorb some of the electricity costs in households.

The French government still wants citizens to cut their electricity use by 10% as a safeguard. There will be restrictions, but they plan to avoid any blackouts or rationing.

Gas is used in part for electricity.

France and Germany went temporarily back to coal earlier this year in desperation. It would be better if they had a logical plan for going to alternative energy. The plan should include a prototype in a city or town, waste removal, storage, and so on.

The World Economic Forum and the Left hate nuclear power, although it is the cleanest energy and could get us to net zero emissions. We’ll see how this goes over.

The people involved want you to believe the waste problem can’t be handled. It’s not true. There are several options, such as turning the waste into glass or burying it temporarily or permanently. However, it’s valuable energy that can later be extracted which causes people to balk when permanent waste removal is mentioned. Then you have idiots who intervene. The problem is political, not scientific. People can’t agree, so it’s easier to say they can’t dispose of the waste.

Meanwhile, France admits it’s in a “slight” recession.

One would think they would have thought this through before shutting down their own energy-producing plants and leveling sanctions on Russia.


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