Fredo turns Schumer’s threats into an attack on SCOTUS & the President


Today’s left can threaten the Supreme Court Justices without repercussions. Take the case of Senator Schumer who was defended by Chris Cuomo last night after CNN ignored the story throughout the day. Schumer threatened two Supreme Court Justices and Justice Roberts called his comments “dangerous.” Schumer said he didn’t mean it as a threat to SCOTUS but rather to the Senate Republicans who would lose their seats in Congress, an obvious lie.

The President ripped into Schumer yesterday for “the direct and dangerous threat to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

CNN didn’t cover it until Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo came on and spun it into an attack on both the Supreme Court and the President.


CNN’s John Avlon said Schumer crossed the line, but Justices basically can’t be hurt.

Brian Stelter hid the big story:

Even CNN admits Schumer lied when he excused his threats (in response to Justice Roberts calling them “dangerous”).

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