Free Alan Kelly: Big Win for Rancher Accused of Murdering a ‘Migrant”


The trial of George Alan Kelly ended in a mistrial. The judge handed the rancher a huge win.

Arizona Superior Court Judge Thomas Fink has declared a mistrial in the case of 75-year-old George Alan Kelly, an Arizona rancher who was charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting an illegal alien on his property in 2023.

“Based on the jury’s inability to read a verdict on any count, this case is in mistrial,” said the Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge.

After the decision was handed down, Mr. Kelly said, “They won’t wear me down.”

Hopefully, they will drop the case.

Mr. Kelly was charged in the death of Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, 48, who has entered the US illegally many times and was consequently deported. The government should be put on trial for letting criminals into the country.

Kelly claimed he fired warning shots earlier in the day after seeing armed men on his property. His wife called border patrol to investigate. Police never recovered a bullet at the scene, and a criminologist speculated it could’ve been one of the other men with him that took his life.

Mr. Kelly saw a group of armed men on his property, and he protected his wife, himself, and his property. However, the DA is woke.

“Long story short, this is simply not somebody who’s looking for the American dream. There’s no evidence that this person is here for those kinds of benign purposes,” Kelly’s defense attorney said during closing arguments.

“And we bring that up, not, you know, to be judgmental about Gabriel or to not have compassion for him. But when people are involved in a criminal lifestyle, it’s dangerous. It’s more inherently dangerous than simply being a migrant who’s coming here. So it’s relevant for that reason.”

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