Biden Stood Up for Anti-Semites Threatening College Kids


Yesterday, Biden stood with AOC as she “praised” the pro-Hamas anti-Semites who are terrorizing Jewish students at Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, and others. About her statements, Biden declared he “learned a long time ago to listen to that lady.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was next to Joe Biden when she said the following:

“It is especially important that we remember the power of young people shaping this country today, as we once again witness the leadership of those peaceful student-led protests on campuses like Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, and many others.”

Peaceful? Tell that to the woman who had her eye stuck with a flagpole or the police arresting the threatening occupiers at Yale.

When given a chance to stand up for truth, the man who said he ran because of Charlottesville [which was a lie anyway] stood with AOC and the anti-Semites, keeping Jewish kids from going to classes safely by harassing, threatening, and bullying them – teenagers and people in their 20s.

Later, a reporter asked Biden if he condemned the antisemitic protests.

“I condemn the antisemitic protests,” Biden told the reporters. “I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians.”

This Is America, and Jewish Students Can’t Go to School!

He could have stood up for them and called off the dogs. Instead, he chose to stand with the Jew-Hating terrorists, who continually say, “We are Hamas” on college campuses. Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Palestinian students are not being harassed on college campuses. Palestinian professors are not being locked out of campus.

But Biden cannot stand up against antisemitic protestors who are terrorizing Jewish students, young people not fighting Israel but just trying to get to class. This isn’t about Israel. These protesters continually say they are pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah here in New York. Believe them.

Doing the little side dance on this is a remarkable failure of leadership from a President who said he wanted to call us all to our better angels and return us to decency, blah, blah, blah.

In addition to his obvious mental issues, Biden is a complete failure of leadership.

The level of intellectual dishonesty of the Democrats that they’ll defend his failure as success is glaring. It gives testimony to what we are dealing with here.

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