Free Speech Activist Dr. Peterson Ordered to Re-Programming


There’s actually a fairly extensive psychological literature now detailing the relationship between narcissism, psychopathy, manipulativeness, and left-wing authoritarian political viewpoints.

Doctor Jordan Peterson, a renowned psychologist, spoke with Fox News host Jesse Watters this week about his mandated re-programming.

The Canadian psychologist was ordered to be reprogrammed by the Canadian government. His social media presence and fight for free speech are looked upon as a defect in Canada. He shared his view of the Maoist-style re-education he must soon experience.

Doctor Peterson promises to make there as much of the reprogramming public as he possibly can.

He has already released all the documents that included the charges, so to speak, that the college levied against him.

“I want to make this 100% transparent and let the public decide for themselves who exactly is acting, let’s say, in an unprofessional capacity…”


“I’m also, by the way, perfectly willing to state … my opinions on Twitter and social media about my professional capacity. So, for example, the comments I made about Ellen Page. I mean, I’m not the least bit happy about what the sadistic surgeon butchers are doing to minors. And I’m also not very happy about narcissistic, let’s say, celebrities parading off their new surgically enhanced bodies and enticing young women, for example, into being sterilized and butchered. “So, I think I have a professional obligation like all therapists and all physicians to say very clearly that this is 100% absolutely not acceptable.”

Why They Are Doing This

Jesse Watters asked, “So what do you think the motivation is by these people in Canada that are doing this? Is it because they’re embarrassed that you’re a psychologist and you’re so popular, and you’re saying unpopular things? Or is it because there’s going to be some darker, more sinister approach?

Dr. Peterson didn’t hold back. “Oh, I think that what we’re seeing in Canada is an unraveling of all the principles upon which my country and yours are predicated. And that’s part of the ideological possession that swept over Canada, in particular. I mean, it’s certainly threatening you down in the United States, but we’re farther along that road, given that run by the poster boy for political correctness himself.

“And so amazing because, you know, Justin Trudeau, that’s our Prime Minister, his father Pierre, his contribution to Canadian posterity was the introduction of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which hypothetically guarantees Canadians the right to free speech but has pretty much no teeth. …his son Justin … has destroyed entirely. So this is an attack on Western civilization, an attack on gender, an attack on biology, and an attack on the scientific method.

Why Attack Western Civilization?

Watters asked, “Why would the left pursue an attack on Western civilization, which has provided so much … amazing results over the last … hundreds of thousands of years?”

Dr. Peterson gave the psychological answer. “Look, people are being motivated by spite and resentment forever. I mean, it’s a story as old as mankind… It’s a story as old as the story of Cain and Abel… It’s the to tear down what’s successful and useful in spite. Because your own sacrifices, let’s say, have apparently gone unrewarded.

“It’s just the same old endless archetypical story playing out in politics, and there is no shortage of people, especially on the more psychopathic side of the continuum, who will adopt the camouflage of compassion.

We see that expressed in relationship to … group rights. They’ll adopt the camouflage of compassion to tear everything down and dance around in the rooms. There’s actually fairly extensive psychological literature now detailing the relationship between narcissism, psychopathy, manipulativeness, and left-wing authoritarian political viewpoints.

“This is because something happened to them as children. They feel insufficient… they feel disregarded… they feel disrespected.

Peterson explained what causes this lashing out at everybody.

“Everybody is in a position in their lives to feel alienated from existence itself from time to time. I mean, life is pretty difficult and things don’t often always turn out the way we want them to, you know. And we can all doubt the meaning of our own lives and the purpose, and we’re all subject to a certain amount of torture.

“One of the temptations … is to get bitter and resentful and to lash out, to look for enemies and to tear down tradition. Partly, merely to shake your fist at destiny itself and to express your dismay. It’s a constant temptation for everyone in some ways to be tempted, to be enticed down that pathway, but it’s a very dreadful mistake.

“The freedoms that we put in place in the West, especially the freedom of speech, is predicated on the viewpoint that human existence is worthwhile and so is being itself and that we should orient ourselves properly upward. And well, you know, some people think that’s a good idea, and some people take the opposite tack.”

Dr. Peterson thanked Watters for the “attention that you’re drawing to this. I think the Americans, you guys can watch the collapse of a democratic country and its institutions to the north of you if you want to see how it happens. Because it’s happening in Canada one step at a time.”



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