Organizers of Canada’s Freedom Convoy Go on Trial Next Week


The leaders of the Freedom Convoy, Tamara Lich, and Matt Barber, are going on trial next week. Canada’s government is possibly as corrupt as ours, or more so, so anything could happen even though they did nothing wrong.

The freedom fighters who arranged and joined the convoy were demonized and dehumanized by the Trudeau government and his media. As we see here in the States, the people were called terrorists when they were not. They were debanked and had their livelihoods taken away to ensure they would never rebel again.

The people who led the convoy and joined in are just your average hard-working Canadian who had the courage to fight for their freedoms. But you’re dealing with Trudeau, a World Economic Forum young global leader.

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, arrested in Ottawa last spring, was brought into court in shackles for a parole hearing.

They brought her into court in shackles as if the indigenous grandma is dangerous. LITERALLY – in SHACKLES!

Tamara Lich

She could hardly move. That was done to humiliate her and help their case by making her look dangerous.

There are no cameras in the court, so no photos of her with shackles on her ankles. She was denied bail for the longest time.

Her crime – she organized a protest that Trudeau disapproved of and found embarrassing. It interfered with his rule of tyranny.

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3 months ago

Freedom Truckers going on trial ?
This should enrage every Canadian!

The Trudeau govt is playing with FIRE !

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

Corrupt liberal judges will give them cruel and unusual sentences…

just as corrupt Democrat judges in the USA are giving cruel and unusual sentences to January 6 protesters

While leftist criminals get a slap on the wrist… if even that

for example, the man who plead guilty to trying to murder Marjorie Taylor Greene got 3 months…

and the BLM and Antifa who violently protested are receiving millions of dollars because some mentally ill democrat judge awarded them compensation.

Democrats and Liberals are evil incarnate