Freight Train Spills Into the Yellowstone River


A freight train with potentially hazardous materials derailed into the Yellowstone River after a bridge gave way in Montana.

Residents are told to avoid drinking the water for fear of hazardous chemicals in the river. A large emergency response has been.

The potentially toxic spill comes months after a serious train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Water treatment facilities throughout the area have introduced emergency measures due to the crisis. Despite warnings to conserve water, officials said there is no threat to life in the area.

It might not be a problem of any magnitude.

It was initially feared oil or petroleum was contained in the cargo train, but the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office said it was later determined they contained asphalt and “a second substance that officials are working to confirm.”

A bridge that crosses Yellowstone River in Montana collapsed overnight, causing portions of the train, including some cars carrying hazardous material, to plunge into the water below.

The train crew was safe. No injuries were reported after the bridge collapse. That is according to a statement from Andy Garland, spokesman for the Montana Rail Link reports AP.

Garland said “several” tank cars were partially submerged in the river early Saturday. Railroad crews were at the scene near the town of Columbus. It’s about 40 miles (about 64 kilometers) west of Billings.


We have over a thousand derailments yearly, but the Transportation Secretary is busy working on fake racist roads.

Montana train derailment when bridge gives way.

Like most Democrats, Mr. Buttigieg is busy living in the past because it helps Democrats politically. As for Juneteenth, it is a negative holiday. Holidays are usually positive. If it makes black people happier, I’m all for it, but it seems unnecessarily dreary as a “holiday.”

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