Evidence Shows the Ohio Train Derailment was OBAMA’s and BIDEN’s fault! NOT Trump’s!


The MSM is blaming Donald Trump for the Northern Southern Rail accident in East Palestine, Ohio. Even Fox is reporting this fake news. It’s absolutely untrue.

To begin with, the requirement for ECP brakes was enacted in the Obama era. It exclusively applied to trains classified as High-Hazard Flammable Train, or HHFT. However, THAT train in Ohio was classified as a general merchandise freight train, NOT an HHFT.

Back in 2015, Obama modified the definition of HHFT due to lobbying from the industry. Vinyl chloride, both hazardous and flammable according to NIH, was excluded from that scope.

Politicians and lamestream media keep bashing Trump for his decision to rescind the ECP rule. But the $6 million in contributions from lobbyists to Congress under Obama might have dissuaded Mr. Obama. Obama sided with the lobbyists. The PEAK came in the 2014 cycle when the Obama administration was considering the HHFT rule.

The 2018 rule never applied to this train since Obama omitted vinyl chloride.

This is Norfolk Southern, the company responsible for the accident in Ohio that lobbied.

And this is the chemical industry, which Obama chose to believe more other than NTSB, the federal agency in charge of train crashes investigations.

Northern Southern RR

One problem is that OBAMA bent over to lobbyists from the industry and freed these railroad companies from obligations to install advanced brakes when carrying hazardous materials.

Another problem was an important train protection system called positive train control, or PTC.

Again, Obama failed the public under pressure from big-corp lobbyists. PTC was designed to check that trains are moving safely and stop them when not. Thanks to George W. Bush, most of our rail network has a form of PTC now, thanks to George W. Bush. He signed the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which set a deadline of 2015 for the implementation of PTC. However, Obama delayed the deployment when he was in power by extending the compliance deadline by five years because railroad companies complained about insufficient funding.

The railroad industry spent an historical amount on lobbying between 2008 and 2014.

Finally, under Trump’s presidency, safeguard systems were installed on all required railroads. As for Biden, it is well-known that he turned his back on railroad workers and unions and called their strikes illegal. Many workers were laid off after that, and most railroads have maintenance issues now due to labor shortages. Apparently, he preferred big corporations to poor innocent American people, just like Democrats focus more on piling up military aid amid interests of the military-industrial complex.

The bottom line is it should be DEMOCRAT presidents held accountable for the tragedy in Ohio and countless accidents. The public deserves to know the truth!

The Cause of the Derailment

It wasn’t about the brakes.

The NTSB initial report suggests the cause of the accident. The hot box warning alerted the train engineers, but only after the car reached 253 degrees. The engineers slowed and stopped the train due to an overheated axle. The train passed three hotboxes and derailed.

The cause appears to be an overheated wheel bearing. Officials feared the vinyl chloride and other chemicals would explode, so they initiated a slow burn three days later.


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3 months ago

Stop listening to Lobbyist. First, a mile long train is ridiculous. No train should exceed 1/2 a mile in length. Hire more Engineers!

Trains carrying Liquids are all hazardous. If one car in the Train is carrying liquids then all cars in the Train should have modern electronically controlled breaks. All train cars MUST have Brake and Axel Monitoring.

Tracks need to be inspected far more frequently. Finally when there is a Rail Disaster, the Train owner should be required to write a blank check and be subject to ANY fines a LOCAL Court deems reasonable. It needs to be so expensive to have a Freight Train Accident that no company will have one. A toxic burn off of any kind should NEVER be allowed. Figure out how to transport Cargo and People safely. Also Passenger trains MUST have absolute track priority. People come First!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Well done, there is no case to make against Trump on this. It is a typical leftist tactic, reminiscent of Katrina being blamed on Bush.

Faux News is not a decent news source. It acts against the USA while giving some lip service to keep some of its conservative base. It is similar to the GOP. Faux News wants badly to ruin Trump.

3 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Yes, faux news was in on the steal too. The only time I watch faux, is when Tucker’s on.

Ghost Gun
Ghost Gun
3 months ago

Biden’s wheel bearings are overheating and if he doesn’t stop he’ll soon derail!

Boris Badenov
Boris Badenov
3 months ago
Reply to  Ghost Gun

And his train isn’t even moving.