French doctor conducts a second successful study of drug to treat Covid-19 patients


Didier Raoult, director of the Research Unit in Infectious and Tropical Emergent Diseases (URMITE) in Marseille has found a potential treatment for Covid-19, the anti-viral drug, Hydroxychloroquine, and the antibiotic, Azithromycin.

He conducted an observational study of 30 patients and followed that up with another study of 80 patients.

He had a great deal of success again during his second study — he claims — and has published his results.

President Trump touted it after it was mentioned on The Ingraham Angle and that was its death knell in the U.S. press. They’ve demonized it since and two governors — Governor Sisolak of Nevada and Governor Whitmer of Michigan — banned its use for Covid-19 in their states. Such is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

There are no clinical trials of the drug, generically called Pacquenil, but there are observational trials ongoing, including a massive one in New York City.


Dr. Raoult does not like randomized clinical trials. During an interview, he stated the following:

[Against randomized trials and placebos in infectious diseases] I have never done randomized trials (…). The effect of randomized stuff, maybe it works on people who have had a myocardial infarctus, but putting that in infectious diseases, it doesn’t make sense (…). In our world of microbes, to see if there is no more microbe, it’s quite easy, so it’s not worth giving a placebo to treat a septicemia, it’s a crazy story, it doesn’t make sense.

[Are non-inferiority tests ethical?] Since [randomized trial] does not make sense in infectious diseases, we arrived at a second question methods and ethics about non-inferiority trials: that is to say (…) how can we can tell someone: listen, there is a drug that works. There is another drug, we don’t know if it works as well, but we will test at random (…). The new drug is not worse than what already exists. I took a decision a long time ago, I do not do it [non-inferiority test]. I will not do in medicine what I would not do to me or my family. I

Clinical trials require one group receive a placebo. You can read the entire interview on this link.

The doctor is very controversial since he doesn’t conduct clinical trials, but he has been proven effective at times. He shouldn’t be dismissed. We have nothing else right now and people are dying or spreading the disease.

We have no idea if the drug works but it has been approved since 1955 for malaria. It is also used for some auto-immune diseases, including Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can be used off label for Covid-19. It should only be used in conjunction with a doctor’s recommendation.

We have nothing to save people with the Wuhan Virus. Why not try it under these circumstances?


The left has gone bonkers trying to destroy the French virologist’s work. He’s a microbiologist.

Dr. Raoult could be a crackpot, but other doctors have had some success with the drug and there is nothing else that is approved right now. The drug can be used off label.

We don’t know who is right, but we hope this drug works. We have nothing else. Dr. Rupp at Nebraska Univeristy Hospital is running a clinical trial with another drug. Some people are getting the placebo. Isn’t that like sentencing them to death?

Samples of Anti-Pacquenil Tweets:

This doctor is referring to the two uninformed people who drank fish tank cleaner.

Chloroquine is more toxic than hydroxychloroquine which is only toxic for 1%, so far.

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Maintain Morale Always
Maintain Morale Always
3 years ago

Outside the box thinkers will save the day. Panic is setting in at some comments forums that I peruse.
This might boost morale and that is always good thing.
May the doctor be successful. Say a prayer for him.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 years ago

The people who are anti-chloroquine are a bit too opposed to it for it to be anything normal.

they are so fiercely and foaming at the mouth against it, I think it is simply a symptom of Trump derangement syndrome

it is their new way of hating Trump

T Field
T Field
3 years ago

Hydroxychloroquine is much less toxic than chloroquine.