Dems wanted Trump to act dictatorial so he’s shutting down their hotspots – Update


Update: The travel ban on the Tri-State area is deemed unnecessary at this time. However, the President has asked the CDC to issue a strong travel advisory alert.

[We’re Botswana now. If you pass through de Blasio’s/Cuomo’s New York, keep your windows closed, your doors locked, and your foot on the gas to protect yourself from the criminals they’re releasing and the Virus.]

“I am giving consideration to a QUARANTINE of developing “hot spots”, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut,” the President tweeted today. He repeated it again when he spoke to the press before boarding his helicopter.

He’s thinking of an enforceable quarantine.

The media wanted the President to become dictatorial. The NY Times insisted the President mandate a nationwide quarantine and mandate companies make medical equipment. The Times admitted it’s not legal but that it would give governors cover.

So, now they got what they wanted.

Now They Don’t Want Him to Do It

President Trump wants to stop the virus. We might not have a country to come back to if it isn’t stopped. He often thinks out loud.

Don’t do it, Donald.

We are out on Long Island and we want a wall built to keep the city dwellers out.

The entire left is out to get Trump no matter what he does. Naturally, the NY Times was first out with the anti-Trump article:

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