Fresh off His Election Success, Biden to Continue His Inflationary Agenda 🤡🤡🤡


Joe Biden is thrilled with his perceived success in yesterday’s election and takes that as a referendum to continue destroying the country. He made a note of the fact that he doesn’t know if he can do anything about inflation. However, he does think he should investigate Elon Musk as a national security threat for having foreign connections.

Biden and his family are the threats, but nothing will ever be done about them and their corruption.

We hear we have the youth vote, GenZ, and Millennials, to thank for Democrat successes yesterday. As long as they have their free college and abortion, they’re good?

The people don’t care about the extremism of the vaccine mandates, lockdowns, masks, Hunter Biden, and family corruption, inflation, destruction of gas, oil, and coal with nothing to replace it, and opn borders. None of that matters. All that matters is the tribe.


Joe Biden spoke about the election this afternoon. He claimed he’d taken gas prices down $1.50. Not one reporter bothered to question the blatantly dishonest statement. Gasoline averages $3.80 a gallon today. It was $2.39 when he took office.

He plans to sneak away for another vacation which is what he does best.

His plan is to continue down the path he is on.

Reporter: “75% of people say the country is heading in the wrong direction. What do you intend to do differently?”

Biden: “Nothing because they’re just finding out what we’re doing.”

He won’t promise to get rid of inflation. [That’s what people voted for, apparently.]

Joe Biden thinks the American people support his economic agenda of inflation and wild spending. Given the way people. voted, maybe he’s right.

His plan is to continue destroying the country over an extreme climate change agenda.

The youth did sway the election to Biden’s people. That’s true.

And. of course, he lied.

He thinks it’s worthwhile to investigate Elon Musk as a national security threat.

As usual, he had instructions on how many reporters to call on and how many questions they were allowed to ask. Does this sound like a free press and a free country to you?

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1 year ago

First thing we need to get straight is Traitor Joe didn’t have an election success. In Democrat run States Elections were simply flat out stolen. I have to give Democrats credit though. They have been able to legally steal those elections by making Voter Fraud Legal. In Democrat States, there are no more elections, there is Ballot Harvesting. Republicans need to learn how to Harvest Ballots it they are going to win in Corrupt Democrat States. YOU HAVE TO WIN, if you want a chance to return the Government back over to the people and have Free and Fair Elections Again.

Democrats win by selectively mailing ballots to Democrats and out and out fraud. My daughters who are in the 18 to 35 crowd enlightened me on how young people vote and how they are manipulated by Democrats. In Democrat areas they focus on individuals who are easily manipulated. They mail out Ballots, then use social media to manipulate their voting. Democrats targeted Woman who are 18 to 35 with the Abortion issue. Like Democrats told old people in the past that Republicans would throw grandma over a cliff in a wheel chair, they went after Republicans as wanting to completely outlaw Abortion. Unfortunately, Republicans playing to the Conservative Base gave them a lot of ammunition. Woman are easily manipulated, they focus on what people say and not on what they do. Woman also tend to be single issue voters.

Democrats target Ballot Boxes with Ballot Fraud. They pass Laws to make this easy. Democrats focus on know who votes and who doesn’t. By automatically registering voters via Motor Voter they create a pool from which they can “manufacture” votes. You need to understand that Liberal Democrats don’t care about the Law or Right & Wrong, they care about power. They will manufacture a ballot for a non-voter, never mail it out, Harvest it, and send it in with a forged signature. Since Democrats will overlook a forged signature, these forged ballots get into the system by the Hundreds of Thousands. Democrats also Harvest Ballots at Old Folks Homes and in Welfare Areas. Democrat DAs will overlook voter crimes!

This creates real problems for Law & Order Republicans. First we need a strong Media presence with Moderate, common sense messaging. We can’t have candidates like Mastriano saying he will do away with all abortion. You can’t win an election in a Liberal State being a vocal hard core conservative. We need to find hard core conservatives who can respect the views of others. The Republican platform message on Abortion needs to be more like natural viability. We can make abortion less of an option later. Even through we should hang drug pushers, the message needs to “getting drugs off the street”; we can hang them once we convict them! If we don’t have a seat at the table, we can change things!

In Law & Order Red States we had a Red Wave; look at Florida and the winning margins. Here in Mississippi, we had a clear sweep in State Elections. Federally, we have 3 Republican Congressmen and only 1 Democrat. Both our Senators are Republicans. The 2nd District was changed due to the Census and Bennie Thompson (D) could have lost his seat with Stronger National Republican Support and a visit by President Trump, Republican Leadership over looks the low hanging fruit in small States. We need to be turning the Islands of Blue to Red in Red States too; a House Seat is a House Seat.