DCCC Chair, Who Wants Us to Eat Chef Boyardee, Concedes


Mike Lawlor

Democrats’ chief electoral strategist, DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney conceded to his Republican opponent, New York Assemblyman Mike Lawlor. Maloney is the man who told us the way to deal with inflation is to eat Chef Boyardee.

The district is D+9, and it was one of the districts that were combined with another. Maloney tossed another Democrat, Mondaire Jones, aside to run in the district. Jones had to compete with Dan Goldman and lost in NY-10, a D+27 district. There was a battle over it, and some Democrats were angry with Maloney.

Maloney said at about noon, “I spoke to my opponent Michael Lawler and congratulated him on a good win.”

This is a seat flip in New York, and it’s a big loss for Democrats.

The race had been considered a toss-up in recent weeks. Maloney, who has served in Congress since 2013, is head of the House Democrats’ campaign fundraising arm this election cycle. It is very rare for the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to lose re-election.

Due to his battle with Jones, he might have lost his DCCC chairmanship even if he had won the election.

Four other seats are likely to flip, giving the House back to Republicans. In addition to Jones, NY-3 has gone to the GOP. Syracuse-Utica NY-22 and NY-4 are probably going to Republicans. The Republicans running in those districts are excellent candidates.

Lee Zeldin’s indefatigable pursuit of the New York governorship greatly helped the downvote. He was within five percentage points, the closest anyone has been since 1994. Whoever is at the top of the ticket is key to winning.

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