Frightening quote of the day! Bernie’s “dealing with a f***ing global crisis”


In a series of tweets, Manu Raju, a left-wing reporter for CNN, described Bernie Sanders’ response to questions about his campaign plans. Bernie wouldn’t answer a question about his timeframe for making a decision and said he was “dealing with a fucking global crisis.”

What a thought, but I digress.


Sen. Bernie Sanders grew angry when asked about his campaign plans. During a gaggle with reporters in the Capitol, I asked Sanders about his timeframe for making a decision, and he lashed out: “I’m dealing with a fucking global crisis. You know, we’re dealing with.”

I noted he’s running for president, and he said: “Well right now, right now I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?”

The blowup occurred about half way through a five-minute gaggle where Sanders talked about the “unprecedented crisis of our lifetime,” calling for a range of measures that the U.S. government should take in the midst of the economic crisis.

I asked what he’s saying to his supporters, and he sidestepped the question, noting he’s sent out a statement. Then, I asked about his timeframe — and he was furious Afterwards, he mellowed out and answered questions about the crisis for about two more minutes.


Bernie is a communist who claims he’s some kind of moderate as a Democratic Socialist, but his agenda speaks for itself. By the way, his wife says he is going to stay in the race.

Bernie has had a field day making Marxist suggestions like free ‘temporary’ Medicare For All and sick leave for all. He won’t have to pay for it of course. His role is to order taxpayers and businesses to provide it. Not all of his ideas are terrible, but his prescriptions would destroy the country.

He also called for direct economic aid to every worker, no evictions, foreclosures or utility shutoffs, U.S. production of medical supplies [we agree with that].

“We need to provide direct, emergency $2,000 cash payments to every person in America every month for the duration of the crisis,” crazy Bernie tweeted.

Sanders wants all sanctions lifted off our enemy Iran since they have a lot of coronavirus victims (1,135 deceased as of this writing) and we are “a caring nation.” Meanwhile, he ignores the fact that Iran has been bombing our soldiers daily. They killed two American soldiers and one British National mid-March.

Bernie hates America and hasn’t produced any legislation of merit. He’s wasted the past forty years spewing Marxist ideology.


Crazy Bernie also stuck up for China after they let loose a pandemic and lied about it. They are also taking away the credentials of our news reporters in China.

Bernie jumped right on that Trump is a racist for calling the Wuhan Chinese Virus from China, the ‘Chinese Virus.’

“Trump and his allies are stoking anti-Chinese bigotry in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We cannot tolerate this kind of racism—especially at this moment. This crisis requires our political leadership to unite our country, not divide us up,” crazy Bernie tweeted.

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3 years ago

Bernie is stressed…he really doesn’t want to be President. He’s just angry he hasn’t had the proverbial bong hits today;) And it could be Hildabeast (HRC) won’t have to buy him another home. He has three. Btw both Biden and Bernie have a combined number of years of over 40 years in government. Neither did a thing but coast. Why would either make promises now? These are two old white men pushing eighty…

Three Stooges Morale Boost
Three Stooges Morale Boost
3 years ago

Comrade Lysenko is on it. The virus will be airbrushed out of photos and all characteristics will now be beneficial by order of the esteemed party member comrade kommissar Barnie Sandlers.
Lakefront dacha summer camps are suspended until further notice for the good of the comrades of the glorious people’s collective. Forward!

3 years ago

I hope I survive. Given any number of people may have the virus and not know it or it’s a mild form. Drink plenty of liquid (warm water and salt) sit up in our recliner to sleep as it helps with congestion not to lie on your back. Go out and take in sun shine and fresh air. ( we live in the country in the woods), Stay away from people. Keep surfaces clean with Lysol alcohol Windex, etc… wash hands regularly, shower and wash my clothes. Did I miss anything? If you’ve got it you’re in God’s hands Trust Him,pray and have faith.