What would you say if you found out you were expected to get the virus anyway?



What would you say if, after all this destruction to our economy and our way of life, you were all expected to get the Wuhan Foreign Chinese Virus from China anyway? That’s the question Holman Jenkins Jr., a member of the Editorial Board of the WSJ, is asking.

According to an opinion article at the Wall Street Journal by Holman Jenkins Jr,   “Experts now agree the virus’s spread can be slowed but not contained. It will take its place among mostly seasonal respiratory infections. After a time, recurrent outbreaks will be moderated by a large number of potential carriers who have immunity from their last infection.”

The facts so far from Dr. Anthony Fauci indicate it might not be seasonal and they just don’t know. Other than that potential error, it’s an interesting possibility.

Holman asks what are we getting for our money?

The population that needs to be protected are the elderly and chronically ill. Almost everyone who died in the U.S. was elderly or had underlying conditions or both.

Mr. Jenkins didn’t say this, but we wonder why are we not allowed to think anything the media hasn’t sanctioned? We are not allowed to say coronavirus is exploited by the far-left Democrat Party or the stock market shows evidence of shorting. We can’t even think for a minute that the far-left, which is the Dem Party, will put their Marxist policies in place and certain forces are trying to destroy capitalism. So, we won’t mention any of those rumors being bandied about. No one mentions the oil war, so we mustn’t either.

Mr. Jenkins says the good news is all this social distancing will mean fewer flu cases and colds and fewer deaths from those illnesses.

He writes, “Eighty-three percent of our economy will be suppressed to relieve pressure on the 17% represented by health care. This will have to last months, not weeks, to modulate the rate at which a critical mass of 330 million get infected and acquire natural immunity. Will people put up with it once they realize they are still expected to get the virus? Wouldn’t it make more sense to pour resources into isolating the vulnerable rather than isolating everyone? Basically, aren’t we really just praying that summer will naturally suppress transmission and get us off the hook of an untenable policy?”

Along those lines, I had the Swine flu and no one cared. I wasn’t hospitalized but thought I could die. A doctor made daily visits, but couldn’t do much. There was nothing like this reaction at the time nor should there have been.

A real big problem with the market is the oil war. The Saudis and Russians are trying to destroy our shale. No one will talk about that. All we are allowed to talk about is the coronavirus. The media decides what we will care about and how much. They tell us what to think.

The President is doing all he can, but some of this might go down in history as mass hysteria.



  1. Holman asks what are we getting for our money?
    Answer: Probably the same about of effectiveness and value as the trillions of dollars the leftists want to spend to stop global warming/climate change that isn’t happening. If they cannot destroy western democracies one way, they’ll try another and another and another until the accomplish world wide communism.

  2. This is a highly destructive overreaction.

    At my work, perhaps 100 different people entered the building in a week. This week it is nearly empty.

    At my grocery store, perhaps 25,000 people enter the building in a week. But I must go there. Why don’t they close grocery stores?

  3. Communism has been spreading since the time of the Civil War. Be prepared. Infuriate a commie today, live free and think for yourself.

  4. Talk about a cluster frack in CA;) Look at Blue Collar Logic on YT. He lives in LA. That sh!thole is only going to get worse. #ChineseVirus #ChinaVirus or #BeerVirus….your choice.

  5. Agree with the assumption that we will all get it…and precautions should only be taken as far as the aged and “medically” compromised – also health care workers – are concerned. The virus apparently was well designed to cull a certain sector of society. It is only surprising that the very young were omitted.Maybe that is why Pelosi tried to grab “mega bucks” for the abortion crowd from the corona virus funding bill…to cover that gap???

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