Fugitive TX Dems are super spreaders, possibly killing people


The 60 fugitive Texas Democrats who face arrest for fleeing Texas to avoid doing their job, are now guilty of acting as superspreaders.

They didn’t wear masks on the bus or plane out of town and six now have COV. Worse than that, they gave COV to Speaker Pelosi’s aide and a White House official. It sent Kamala Harris off and running to Walter Reed. What if they die? The Democrats will have killed them by democrat standards.

White House official and a staff member for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have both tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the same reception last week, officials confirmed to Axios.

It was the reception with the Texas Democrats.

The Pelosi staffer helped usher a delegation of Democratic Texas lawmakers around the Capitol last week. Six of those lawmakers, who flew to Washington to block the Texas legislature from changing the state’s voting laws, have since tested positive.

Both that staffer and the White House official were at the same rooftop reception at the Hotel Eaton last Wednesday night.

The White House official has not had any recent direct contact with President Biden. The Pelosi aide did not have any contact with the speaker since that person’s exposure.

Oh, good, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to those two commies, would we?

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