1-6 ‘trespasser’ imprisoned for ‘injuring democracy’ and ’emotions’


Leduc cited his military oath—to protect the country from “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”—to refute the government’s accusation that Paul Hodgkins, 38, is a domestic terrorist. “Words have meaning,” Leduc told U.S. District Court Judge Randoph Moss. “I have been shot at by real terrorists. If we’re going to label this as domestic terrorism, where do we draw that line?”

~ Patrick Leduc, military reservist, attorney representing Paul Hodgkins

Glenn Greenwald responded to the political persecution of Paul Hodgkins, a 1-6 protester who trespassed in the Capitol [on a day it was open to the public]. He committed no crime, even trespassing is a stretch, but the Lavrentiy Beria DoJ found new crimes. The newly-created crimes are “injuring democracy” and upsetting people, causing emotional harm.

As Greenwald states, the criminal justice system violations are against every left-liberal view but they don’t care because they want the political prosecutions.

The hate is so deep that they want all their political opponents in prison.

Do you know who else thought like that? Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Maduro, the Castor Brothers, warlords in Africa, and all totalitarians around the world. This is what the Democrat Party has become.

Don’t doubt me on this!


Sadly, after listening to Monday’s proceedings, I must conclude there is no line. Americans on the political Right are considered an enemy no less lethal than al-Qaeda and minus the civil libertarians to defend them.

It’s clear the Biden regime, in cooperation with federal judges, will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of people who protested the 2020 presidential election. This includes people like Paul Hodgkins, who was sentenced to eight months in prison for denouncing what his government was about to do on January 6—certify a rigged, corrupt presidential election—and for supporting Donald Trump.

~ Julie Kelly

As Cernovich said, “Wait until this prosecutor is old enough to be a judge. And she will be, as will her peers. At least the older generation of federal judges, for all their flaws, pushes back some. The next generation will [have] Stalin show trial level judges. 3-5 years from now, full Stalin.”

Yes, exactly.


As Rush said many times, one day, the Left will criminalize political differences. And here we are now. Once they got away with Russiagate (do thank Bill Barr for the help he gave them), the sky was the limit.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said in May 2019 responding to the Russia investigation and its origins, that “stakes for the country” have “never been higher in my life.”

In his daily radio show, he decried the “political effort to destroy” President Donald Trump that was the impetus for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

And with its conclusion ramping up talk about impeachment, “now, it is an existential war,” he said.

“And the stakes? I cannot tell you how high they are for our country,” he said. “I think the stakes, without question, are the highest they have ever been in my life. The stakes for the country, what kind of country we’re going to be going forward, have never been higher in my life.”

“And if we let the people running this coup off, then we will have lost the republic to the deep state. These people must not get away with this,” he added.

“I’m 68 years old. I don’t know how this would compare to Civil War,” Limbaugh commented. “Obviously, it would pale in many ways to the divisions in the Civil War. But that was then, and this is now. And I am telling you that the stakes for the country are the greatest, the highest they’ve ever been in my life.”

Limbaugh said most concerning is the idea of “criminalizing political differences.”

“But in our system, the presumption of innocence and the demand and the requirement for proof beyond a reasonable doubt is what separates us,” he said. “And if these people get away with reordering that, they will have succeeded in getting away with politicizing, criminalizing political differences.”

Information provided by Greg

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