GA candidate says you’re morally bankrupt if you voted for Trump


Raphael Warnock, a far-left minister, is the candidate running against Senator Kelly Loeffler in the once-conservative state of Georgia.

To ge an idea of who he is, watch the lecture he gave at Howard University in 2016 and said this:

“Will the black church, which Manning Marable rightly characterized as a politically ambiguous institution, yet possesses what Guerard Wilmore, who is here, rightly characterized as a cohesive thread of radicalism, live up to the best of its prophetic vocation. Or will it give in to the seduction that has gone it from Mr. Trump, an admitted sexual predator, the support of 81 percent of white evangelicals and 60 percent of white Catholics? Perhaps more than anything else we have seen in modern times, the rise of Trump and Trump-ism on the shoulders of Christians brings into sharp focus the moral bankruptcy of the American church.”

So, in other words, if you vote for Trump, you’re morally bankrupt. But, people who kill the unborn to the moment of birth are not morally bankrupt???

He’s also said to be anti-Semitic and hangs with rev. Wright. He compared Israel to aparthed nations.


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