GA SOS’s brother Ron Raffensperger works for CCP spy company Huawei


Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is a Trump hater who has stood in the way of any check of voter fraud in Georgia. That leads one to wonder about his brother who is in bed with the Chinese Communist Party government.

Raffensperger’s brother Ron is the chief technical officer for Hauwei’s Enterprise Storage Solutions, the Data Storage Company of the CCP. Huawei has been sanctioned by President Trump, which has almost destroyed their business.

Ron Raffernsperger not only works for Huawei, the Chinese Communist government, but he also lives in China.

There is no evidence the two are connected, but this fact needs to be publicized. Huawei spies for the CCP.


Ron is definitely a Democrat if one considers his Twitter feed. The CCP undoubtedly loves this. Maybe he will get a promotion and there will be a nice job for Brad:

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