Small business shut down in Cali while large companies thrive


Small businesses in California are being shut down, ostensibly to protect people from COVID. But next door, large corporations are allowed to remain open, and they are thriving. Malls, Home Depot, Lowe’s, wineries are all open in Stockton.

During this covid pandemic, the government policies have resulted in billionaires getting richer and big box stores increasing revenues by a whopping 57%. This appears to be a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the richest.

Historically, small business owners are middle class and vote Republican. Large corporations are currently in bed with the Democrats. They laid out a lot of money to promote the Biden presidency. One must wonder about that.


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2 years ago

Totalitarian regimes cannot exist with a middle class. This is just basic stuff.

2 years ago

I submit there will come a time where “some”, if not many, will reach the point they feel like there’s “nothing left to lose”. As a result, consequences be damned.

There is no way Federal Or State governments can pay people to “keep quiet” and not revolt. In circumstances as this, it makes a volatile situation more probable.

The primary focus at present has been on restaurants, bars etc., but these aren’t they only businesses that have been destroyed, wholesale. There are also specialty and niche stores that are never more. I, for one, will not give “Law” enforcement a pass for “doing their job”. A person could probably find hundreds of thousands of cases of “selective” enforcement. In some cases such enforcement are for their benefit, such as civil asset forfeiture. It is one of many. If all this, then how far will they “follow orders”. Biden is giving strong indications that lockdowns will continue for years and states are considering not only “strict” lockdowns, but hard-hitting strict “enforcement”. People need to start asking, How far will it go, and will the public allow it.