Gallup Poll: People Don’t Want EVs


According to a new Gallup poll, 7% of Americans own EVs, and only 9% who don’t own one are in the market for one. Only 35% say they might consider buying one in the future, down from 43%.

“Overall, less than half of adults, 44%, now say they are either seriously considering or might consider buying an EV in the future, down from 55% in 2023, while the proportion not intending to buy one has increased from 41% to 48%.”

Meanwhile, Biden decided that by 2032, only 29% of the new car market will be gas-powered. There is nothing Democrats won’t control — badly.

Biden’s EPA recently passed a new rule to make gas-powered cars very expensive. The Biden administration said the rule could result in just 29 percent of the new car market remaining gas-powered in 2032. In the administration’s lowest-cost scenario, it estimated by that year, 56 percent of vehicles would be battery electric, 13 percent would be plug-in hybrids, and 3 percent would be other hybrids. The only other car that Americans seem to want, besides a gas car, is the other hybrids that work well, as opposed to EVs and Plugins.

Old convertible car on the street of Trinidad, Cuba

People don’t want EVs, but there won’t be many new gas-powered cars on the market, so we’ll all be driving around in old cars. We’ll look like Cuba with their 1954 Chevys everywhere.

EVs are dangerous you know:

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