Gang of Six, Especially Flake, Tried to Slip In Citizenship for DACA, Other Illegals, And More


RINO Senator Jeff Flake announced Thursday afternoon that there was a tentative bipartisan ‘gang of 6’ amnesty DACA bill. Since then, it has become obvious there is no such deal. What we are hearing is they tried to slip citizenship in with the DACA while also allowing DACA to sponsor relatives and their parents, and so much more.

They want to give amnesty to other immigrants in the country illegally, and, along with that, increase family-based [chain] migration.

The gang wants to give only $2.3 billion for border security and $1.6 billion for the wall which might cover repairs [the wall will cost $20 billion and illegals cost us about $113 billion annually].

They also want to keep the lottery and possibly reduce the size by half, while transferring the lottery winners to ‘protected status of low-skilled workers’, encouraging more of these low-skilled foreigners to come here illegally.

As if that isn’t enough, the agreement would put more constraints on Homeland Security, hampering the building of the wall.

Durbin said the ‘gang of six’ bill would give citizenship to all illegals in this country who “qualify”, whatever that means.

The gang includes RINOs and far-left Democrats: Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin, lame duck Republican Jeff Flake, Democrat Michael Bennet, Republican Cory Gardner, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, Almost-Republican Lindsey Gramnesty.

The group is led by Republican Sen. Lindsey Gramnesty [Graham] and far-left Democrat Dick Durbin.

“We’ve got this bipartisan group. We are at a deal. … It’s the only game in town,” Flake told reporters.

Oh, ugh, say all conservatives, not-so-conservative but actual Republicans, and plenty of Democrats who have been hurt by these policies.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders made it clear that there is no deal. “There has not been a deal reached yet. However, we still think we can get there and we are very focused on trying to make sure that happens.”

Flake is not only talking about DACA, he’s talking about their family members. Unfortunately, as WND reported – that’s the end of four to five red states where there is a heavy concentration of DACA. It could turn at least four of them blue.

President Trump and some actual Republican Republicans aren’t buying into the deal, but the clueless gang of six is going with it and had spent four months coming up with this really awful plan.

“President Trump called on Congress to solve the DACA challenge. … We are now working to build support for that deal in Congress,” the gang of six, the working group, said.

Support for this deal would destroy Trump’s support with his base, should he buy into it which he won’t.

Flake said, “We’re shopping it among our colleagues,” he said. “We got a few others already said they’ll sign on and we’re working on others before we release details of it.”

Get lost Flake!

The President isn’t looking for the DREAM Act and he wants chain migration and lotteries ended.

“I think what the president told them is its fine for them to negotiate … but what they need to do is share that with others so it will have broad enough support to actually get passed,” Cornyn said.

There is a lot of sympathy for the DACA people, but it can’t be an excuse to legalize tens of millions more future Democrats.

What didn’t these swamp critters understand about the election of Donald Trump?

Goodlatte introduced an excellent bill which ends the lottery, ends chain migration, and gives residency to DACA. Neither party likes that bill.

The politicians are not interested in protecting our borders on either side of the aisle. It’s hard to find daylight between Flake, Graham, Durbin, Cornyn, et cetera. They’re all on the same side.


  1. Senators Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Michael Bennett (D-Colo.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), none of whom cares a lick for the President and all of whom think that the President and his supporters are stupid entered the meeting with a nefarious agenda and I believe a scheme, meaning if the President didn’t go along, they were prepared to pull a stunt in the hopes of gaining leverage against Trump that would weaken his side of the negotiation and push their agenda through.

    The President wore their asses a new one (pardon the expression) and they didn’t like it. At the same time, thank goodness, for the presence of others.

    As far as I’m concerned, Menendez, Graham, Bennett and Flake have sold Americans out and are doing the bidding of their donors. In my eyes, these swamp critters have no credibility.

    Shameless bastards are so used to pulling these nasty schemes on Republicans who cower and surrender.

  2. These are incredibly dishonest and corrupt people. The proper attitude is to assume any statement they make is dishonest and any motive they have is corrupt. Trump has baited them into this. They interpreted his remark “I will sign your bill” as a carte blanche to rip off America. He made fools of them.

    Ryan, a leftist on immigration policy, and perpetually absorbed in self-interest, is afraid of what is ahead. There will be a war in the House as it tries to introduce an immigration bill. He will be scarred over it, if not removed.

    Trump is clearly playing these people. So far he could have predicted what has happened.

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