Gangs Are Shooting Machine Guns into the USA from Mexico


I  put these clips up yesterday with another article about a caravan leader saying he is ready for war and will come to this country with his illegals no matter what. Not enough people saw the machine-gun fire at the border so we’re reposting the clips.


We have a war at our border. Along with invaders, we have terrorists and transnational gangs at the border. They are in control of the border.

Now they are shooting machine guns into the USA.

Agents have no authority to do anything. They can’t even ride horses with reins. The next step is the gangsters will slaughter our law enforcement agents. Many of them are already in this country. They live among us. The Mexican cartels and failed nation status is coming to America.

The only one reporting it regularly is Fox News’s, Bill Melugin.

You should also know that they are taunting our Texas National Guard (last clip), saying, “Oh, we should just shoot you soldiers.


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Thomas A Trottier
Thomas A Trottier
2 years ago

Ya well it’s going to escalate, a friendly message in the form of airstrike may help if swiftly executed. But squishy Joe Biden will just sit in his poop all day.

Try Your Call Again Later
Try Your Call Again Later
2 years ago

Failed nation status is a feature as part of Agenda 21.
No one can deliver the FAIL like the Long Marching burn it all down CPUSA fifth column of quisling traitor RATS.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 years ago

Shooting machine guns is only bad if it is done by white people who are Trump supporters/ don t vote democrat.

If the shooters are illegals, are non-whites, are part of BLM or Antifa or are simply democrats then it is ok.

After a mass shooting in a school a couple days ago they released the black shooter…had he been white he d be in jail for 500 years.

That is the world democrats have created, that is how things are now.

I wish I was kidding