NY Times’ award-winning reporter frightens parents with fake news


Colorful clown group playing the trumpet at Basel fasnacht festival.

The New York Times clown show exceeded its usual low standards in an article written by an award-winning reporter obviously on a mission to terrorize parents. There were so many errors, it seems almost unfathomable, but the mission, if you choose to write for the NY Times, is to get everyone in the world vaccinated out of abject fear if necessary.

The title is A New Vaccine Strategy for Children: Just One Dose, for Now. Uh no, that was false. Sweden and Denmark are not offering one dose. They halted the use of Moderna because of the myocarditis concerns.

It also wasn’t 900,000 hospitalizations of children with COV from August 2020 to October 2021 as the reporter claims, it was 63,000.

Oh, what is an extra 837,000 when you’re making a point?

Also, the meeting of the FDA on the authorization of Pfizer BioNTech was scheduled for later this month, not next week.

Does she know today’s date?

So, basically, you can line your birdcage with this major newspaper. Their editors and writers aren’t focused on accuracy, just terror. Maybe they don’t have any editors. That thought comes to mind also.

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Tom Hagen
Tom Hagen
2 years ago

I almost feel sorry for anyone frightened by the Bolsheviks from the NY Slimes bird dropping collector or fish wrap.
Maybe they have coulrophobia or fear of clowns?
Any counsel from the Long Marching burn it all down CCCP/Stalin loving NY Times should be laughed at out loud with great gusto.