Illegal alien caravan leader: “We are ready for war,” nothing will get in our way


As over 60,000 illegal aliens, mostly economic opportunists, are marching to the border, the leader of one caravan says nothing will get in his way and “we are ready for war.” We give Mexico about $320 million a year, partly to secure their borders, but Biden has let them know they don’t have to do so.

Are these really the kind of people we want in this country?


And war it is as cartels easily travel back and forth across our border. Many of the cartel leaders and mid-level guys live in the US. Thank Joe. Thank the socialist Democrats running the nation for Joe, whoever they are. Watch:

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I'll Drive The Tanker
I'll Drive The Tanker
2 years ago

No fighting in the WAR room but these things happen.
They can smell the marshmallow soft weakness and to paraphrase Tony Montana from Scarface (1983), this country is like a great big chicken just waiting to get plucked.
You see the CPUSA/CCP and Beijing Big Guy have declared WAR on America.
People had better wake the F’ up and FAST.